About Us

Estate Management is one of the largest non-academic units at UNSW. We provide a range of services and advice to Faculties, Divisions and the University Executive Team by providing campus master planning, infrastructure planning, development, construction, refurbishment, maintenance and environmental and space management. We also provide a wide range of logistic and associated services to ensure a safe and secure campus environment. Our role is to plan, design, build, maintain and secure our campus.

Estate Management is made up of the following departments:

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Contact us on tel: 9385 5111 or email: estate@unsw.edu.au for information on our services or to register works and maintenance requests.

Asset Management

The Asset Management unit is responsible for the maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, plant and equipment across UNSW. The unit operates in both a reactive way - such as fixing a leaky roof or broken window, and proactive way - such as following a planned maintenance schedule to make sure that building plant and equipment operate efficiently and University assets reach their maximum lifespan. Asset Management is responsible for:

EM Engineering and Operations
Engineering Services provides a range of support services for any planned change in the University’s infrastructure, plant and equipment (for example the installation of a fume cupboard or the development of new laboratory). Engineering Operations are responsible for the ongoing and efficient operation of the University’s buildings, infrastructure, plant and equipment once they have been built, installed or commissioned.

Building Maintenance
The Building Maintenance team are responsible for the maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, plant and equipment across the University; carrying out minor refurbishment and repair works; managing EM contractors; and building compliance and annual fire safety statements. The Building Maintenance team includes CFMs (Client Facility Managers) who are the liaison point between EM and the faculties.

Energy Management
The overall aim of the Energy Management unit is to run UNSW in the most energy efficient way including paying energy bills, budget forecasting and recovering utility costs from tenants; monitoring energy usage, managing demand and consumption reporting; initiating energy efficiency projects and running energy efficiency education and awareness campaigns.

Contract Administration
The Contract Administration unit is responsible for managing the maintenance contracts serving the University with the overall aim of maximising financial and operational performance and minimising risks.

Campus Services

Campus Services manages a diverse range of services supporting campus operations, with the aim of creating a safe, attractive and productive environment for members of the University community and visitors. There are five teams within Campus Services.

General Services

General Services assist in maintaining comfortable and attractive campuses by overseeing the management of internal and external cleaning, waste management and recycling, furniture relocations and administration of the Furniture Reuse Program, grounds management including landscaping, tree and sports field maintenance, and external signage.


Fleet oversees the management of the University’s fleet of almost 140 motor vehicles and other equipment such as trailers and boats for all campuses including field stations. The vehicles are leased and managed by a lease provider. Fleet also manages a pool of cars available for internal hire for University business purposes, with bookings managed through an online booking system and oversees the management of staff novated leases.

Security Services

Security Services assist with the provision of a safe and secure campus by conducting patrols, responding to security incidents, monitoring trends with crime and developing and implementing strategies to reduce it. They also liaise with external stakeholders such as the NSW Police and Randwick City Council, including through the Crime Prevention Partnership, to ensure that UNSW’s approach to security is integrated into wider community strategies. Click here for more information.

The Security and Traffic Management Office, located on level 2 of the Mathews Building (F23), providing services including issuing of parking permits, booking of outdoor events and issuing ID cards. They also support and promote public transport to the campus.

The Mail Centre provides a mail and courier service to the entire University through the receipt and dispatch of mail, as well as the collection and distribution of mail from faculties, schools, centres and units of the University. For more information call the Mail Centre on 9385 6763 or email mailcentre@unsw.edu.au.

Planning and Development

The Planning and Development team is responsible for a wide variety of projects ranging from multi-million dollar major constructions to smaller redevelopment and refurbishment projects. They do this through:

Campus and Capital Planning
Campus planning, statutory planning, strategic planning and capital planning.

Major Projects
Major Projects are responsible for undertaking University construction projects with a value higher than $10m from inception to completion.  Major Projects can be incredibly complex and take an average of three to four years to complete.

Capital Works
The Capital Works team is responsible for the delivery of projects, usually under $10m including refurbishments, infrastructure upgrades and disposal of assets as well as the occasional new build. These types of projects are required to keep the University running on a day to day basis.

Property Services

Property Services are responsible for the management of the University’s property portfolio including leasing, property acquisitions and disposals and other property related transactions across the University. The University’s investment portfolio consists of retail, commercial and residential properties and is a key component of the University’s financial framework.

Property Services has a team dedicated to professional property and advisory services. This includes:

  • direct management of the University’s retail and commercial portfolio on campus
  • development of the University’s evidence-based, consumer-driven retail strategy
  • management of expressions of interest campaigns and evaluation of submissions for new campus retail opportunities
  • providing high level property advice to the University’s Executive Team
  • identifying and negotiating property purchases
  • managing strategic residential property holdings around campus
  • realising maximum value from the disposal of surplus, non-core University property
  • advising and managing property title matters for existing buildings and new developments
  • negotiating and securing off-campus accommodation for faculties and University sponsored centres as required
  • developing a long term CBD campus accommodation strategy for faculties requiring a CBD presence

Click here for leasing enquiries.

Strategy and Business Systems

Strategy and Business Systems (SBS) provides an EM-wide approach to strategic and operational planning, resourcing and management. SBS is responsible for the following services:

Business Analysis and Business Improvement

This team coordinates the quality management and strategic and operational planning activities of EM. It also provides data analysis and reporting across all areas of EM business for planning, institutional reporting and compliance purposes. 


The Communications team is responsible for creating, embedding and maintaining communication processes and tools that facilitate a two-way flow of information.

Corporate Services
Corporate Services provides a wide range of general and specific administrative services to support the business of EM.

The Finance team’s main objective is to ensure, through a mixture of advice, systems and information that EM operates within the overall budget allocated to it.

EM IT Systems
The EM IT Systems team is primarily concerned with the strategic planning, procurement and implementation of IT solutions for EM and UNSW.

Health and Safety
The Health & Safety (HS) Coordinator, although employed by the Human Resources unit, provides technical advice and assistance to EM on health and safety matters.

The EM Procurement unit provides guidance and advice to EM wide staff on all procurement related matters in line with the UNSW procurement policy.

Space Management
The EM Space Management team is responsible for keeping up to date space data across UNSW and providing space data to internal and external stakeholders.