Fume cupboard trial delivers energy savings and safety

Posted 6 July 2017

A joint initiative between the EM Energy Management team and Sustainability has resulted in energy savings and safety improvements to fume cupboard usage in laboratories.

In June 2017, new fume cupboard 'sash position' stickers were trialled in a lab in the Chemical Sciences building (F10). The stickers were installed to show to students and staff, when working in the fume cupboard, the best position for the sash for efficiency and safety:

  • High for setup only
  • Low when working in the hood
  • Closed when not working in the hood.

So far the results are very encouraging. Since the installation of the stickers, the fume cupboard sash height is on average 22% lower during operational hours (8am - 8pm) and 46% lower during non-operational hours (8pm - 8am weekdays and weekends), resulting in an average of 36% lower overall.

This translates into both energy savings and improved safety for the user.

The plan is now to install these stickers in other laboratories on campus.

More information

For more information on the trial please contact the EM Energy Management team: energy@unsw.edu.au.

 Arifa Sarfraz, UNSW Sustainability 


Aidan Alexander, EM Energy Management