An icy blast chills the Roundhouse

Posted 5 May 2017

If you thought dry ice was only for special effects, think again! As part of the project to renew this much-loved student space, the 'Roundy' is getting a blast of dry ice to strip the old lead paint from the beams.

The iconic roof structure is being stripped right back to the steel, removing years of paint from the beams. Rather than using a traditional sandblasting method, the Roundhouse Renewal team is using a technique involving a specialised paint stripper and dry ice pellets. Once the paint stripper has been applied, the ice pellets are fired at the beams, causing the paint to drop to the floor in large flakes. As a result, the contamination risk and waste by-products are greatly reduced, because the dry ice simply evaporates. No muddy puddles to clean up, no fine paint dust – a far more effective process.

And because it’s so effective, the project is speeding along now. The refreshed Roundhouse is on track to re-open for business in December 2017.