Stay safe on the roads this Anzac long weekend

Posted 12 April 2017

With the Anzac Day holiday coinciding with the end of the school holidays, it is a good time to brush up on your road safety skills so that you can be sure to enjoy your break and come home again safely.

Traffic is likely to be heavy and double demerit points for speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle helmet offences will be in place from Friday 21 April to Tuesday 25 April 2017 (inclusive).

Here are our top 5 tips for staying safe on the roads this long weekend:

  1. Avoid the rush - plan your route and timing to avoid major traffic congestion. The shortest route might not always be the quickest and delaying your departure can mean you miss the worst of the holiday rush.

  2. Keep your distance - relax and drive according to the conditions at a comfortable speed below the limit while maintaining at least a two second gap between yourself and the car in front. If it’s wet or you are driving at night, increase the gap as it will take longer to react in an emergency.

  3. Be Seen - consider driving with your headlights on day or night. This will minimise your risk of having a collision by 12-16%. Avoid the blind spots of other cars (the rear quarter panel), especially large vehicles, where they cannot see you in their mirrors.

  4. Revive - take regular breaks every two hours, share the driving if possible, and make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks and cold drinks for everyone in the car.

  5. Check your car - ensure your vehicle is well maintained and check all fluid levels, tyre pressures and condition, and clean your windows, lights and windscreen wipers.

 Follow these tips to ensure a safer, less stressful and more pleasant trip.