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Keep the fun in fancy dress

As we approach Halloween, Campus Security would like to remind all students that intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated on UNSW campuses.  

Stay safe on the roads this October long weekend

With the October long weekend approaching, it is a good time to remind staff how to keep safe on the roads.

Keeping it green

Our formal lawns are undergoing their annual transformation to get ready for summer. While this happens, the lawns may appear pale and lacklustre, but FM’s green keeping program has it under control.


Respect Now Always: Let's talk about sex and consent

UNSW demands respect, now always for all members of our community. If you need urgent help and support, contact UNSW Campus Security on 9385 6666.

Always lock up your bike

Bicycles are a common target for thieves on campus day and night. Use a 'D' shaped style hardened steel lock to secure your bike.

UNSW vehicle hire

If you need to hire a car to carry out University business, why not try one of our UNSW vehicles.

As good as new

The Lift Modernisation Project has successfully upgraded what were some of the worst-performing lifts on campus. 

Coming and going

Our 2016 Travel Survey results for the Kensington campus are in. Find out how most of you get here, where you leave from and how FM uses this information to plan for the future. 

New Security Stickers & Emergency Procedures Posters

All UNSW buildings and floors should now have received their new phone security stickers and emergency procedures posters.

Light Rail: Keep up with the latest works

Construction for the CBD and South East Light Rail has reached UNSW’s Kensington Campus. You can keep up-to-date with ALTRAC’s construction work impacting the UNSW community. 


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