Daytime tram testing ahead of opening in December

Tram testing and driver training will take place along the alignment from Randwick to Circular Quay during daytime ahead of first passenger services in December 2019. 

  Randwick Moore Park Surry Hills CBD Kensington/Kingsford
Mon-Fri 5am-10:30pm 5am-10:30pm 5am-10:30pm 7am-6pm 10am - 5am
Sat-Sun 6am-9:30pm 6am-9:30pm 6am-9:30pm

Please note this is subject to change and some additional tram movements may occur outside of these times where necessary to perform additional rail systems testing.

Noise may be generated by new wheels on new tracks. Testing the trams will assist with wearing in the tracks and wheels.

With cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and trams interacting together, it’s important we all play our part to stay safe around light rail. Heads up! Look up and be aware of your surroundings.

For more information about tram testing and driver training please visit the Sydney Light Rail website.

It is important that the trams are fully commissioned and drivers properly trained ahead of the first passenger services in December 2019.

Tram cartoon image

Be sure to look out before you step out and follow traffic signals or traffic controllers. 

1. Tram movements

Trams may run up to every 8 minutes between 5am and 1am Monday to Friday. There may be additional tram movements between 1am and 5am where necessary. There will be fewer movements during weekends with most occurring between 6am and 10pm.•

2. Timetable testing

As we heads towards operational services, we will be mimicking timetable services to ensure the service functions properly and according to schedule. Timetables are currently being reviewed. However general operations are 7 days a week from 5.30am to 1.30am, with trams running every 4 minutes between 7am and 7pm.

3. Be aware, there’s a tram there! 

Please pay attention to hazard signs along the alignment. Signs have been installed where trams are being tested and warn of electrical and other hazards, including tram movements.

Be aware, stay clear of tracks and stops.

With the start of testing, construction fencing and barriers will gradually be removed along the alignment, exposing some of the newly completed tracks and stops. It is important to remember that trams are not servicing passengers and that we are still testing the system. Please do not approach stops or trams during this period. Always be mindful of light rail tracks and only cross at designated pedestrian crossings.

Remember to follow NSW road rules when driving or cycling near the light rail.

For more information: 

This information has been prepared by ALTRAC Light Rail. View this as a PDF.  Go to Sydney Light Rail on Facebook for more updates