Interactive Teaching Resources

Posted 11 September 2017

EM have been collaborating with Mulitplex, the Portfolio of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Education), Vantage Interactive and the UNSW Built Environment on the creation of Interactive Teaching Resources, as part of the  Inspired Learning Initiative (ILI) for the 2025 Strategy.  These resources have been developed as part of the course BLDG1021 – Industrial and Infrastructure Construction and have been installed in the School of Mining's AVIE space.

Combining video captures from the construction site of the Science and Engineering Building, a 360 degree projection system, quizzes, and interviews with Estate Management, Built Environment and Multiplex on-site staff, the resources aim to give the students a virtual experience of major site and excavation works through cognitive learning in a workplace-based learning environment.

Cognitive Learning aims to teach learners the processes that experts use to handle complex tasks, situated within the context in which they would normally and naturally be carried out. It also aims to simulate the actual cognitive processes that have to be undertaken, in order for a complex task to be learnt.  A 'live' construction site, where students can find themselves surrounded by mammoth earth works and equipment worth millions of dollars, can now be experienced first-hand through these new digital and virtual technologies, in a cost-effective, secure and efficient manner.

The BLDG1021 course is a first year core course with 300 students and is designed to extend students' knowledge of technologies, systems and processes of industrial and infrastructure construction. Arranging site visits for all students poses serious logistical challenges in terms of costs and personal safety considerations, so these resources can transform the learning experience of students, very much in line with the objectives of the 2025 Strategy.