Keeping it green

Posted 23 September 2016

It’s the time of year when the campus formal lawn areas undergo their transition from winter to summer.

EM’s green keeping program has the transition under control. It is a noticeable process, as the lawn areas appear pale and lackluster while the winter rye grass dies off.  Now the weather is warming up, it won’t be long before the summer couch grass takes off and the lawns regain their lush green appearance.

You may see workers performing scarifying (raking), top dressing and fertiliser applications over the coming weeks, helping the lawns to get ready for the hot summer months ahead.  Couch grass is a great choice for the Sydney summer, as it requires less irrigation water throughout hot, dry periods.

The formal lawn areas affected are the University Mall and Quadrangle lawns on the middle campus, as well as the Library, Scientia and Biomedical lawns on the upper campus.