A light bulb moment

Posted 13 August 2014

In 2013 the total electricity consumption for the Kensington Campus increased by 4% to 71,375,398kWh.

The increase is largely attributable to new buildings such as Wallace Wurth and the University Terraces coming into use.

To help reduce our electricity consumption, a number of energy saving projects are under way, including a major upgrade of existing light fittings to more energy efficient units.

This project involves replacing light fittings and installing additional sensors to control the lights when they are not needed.

This work has now been completed in Samuels, Library, Quad, Newton, K17, Rupert Myers, CLB, Dalton, Scientia, Chemical Sciences and Robert Webster.

During the next stage, the work will be undertaken in Civil Engineering, Morven Brown, Chancellery, Clancy Auditorium, Phillip Baxter College, Mathews Building, The Pavilions, Science Theatre, John Goodsell, Bank and Post Office Building, Keith Burrows Theatre, Physics Theatre and Barker Apartments.

Overall, we are expecting to save over 2,500,000kWh/pa, or over 3.5%, making up for most of last year’s increase.