Managing our paper waste

Posted 7 October 2014

Recycling Paper and Cardboard

Facilities Management operates a paper and cardboard recycling program.

Paper and cardboard waste should be disposed of in the distinctive blue bins of various sizes, which can be found on all our campuses.

The bins are emptied on a five day cycle, with Fridays reserved for collection of confidential waste and on-request pickups (place all requests through Archibus or contact FM Assist).

The paper and cardboard is transported directly to a local paper mill for recycling.

Confidential Waste

Confidential waste is collected on Fridays. It needs to be segregated from other waste so it can be taken to a dedicated processing facility for destruction.

After it has been destroyed, Facilities Management receives a certificate of destruction.

Lockable 120L wheelie bins for confidential waste can be supplied to UNSW sites at a cost of $75.00.

Requests for lockable bins, and requests for servicing of lockable bins should be placed through Archibus, or contact FM Assist.

You should only request bin servicing when the lockable bin is full.