UNSW Bioscience Building Wins Construction Award

Posted 12 November 2018

The UNSW Bioscience Stage 1 project won an award this month at the Master Builders Association of NSW Awards, held in Sydney. The beautiful and diverse learning, research and teaching building came first in the category ‘Excellence in Construction – Tertiary Education Buildings over $100M’.

Multiplex Constructions were recognised for their important role managing the building of the 21,000m² building. A quick wander through its various teaching and learning spaces will explain why. The research laboratory spaces are state of the art and flexible enough to adapt to technological advancements of biological and environmental science in the future. Bioscience classrooms are clean and modern, designed to address the current and future needs of students. They also allow for opportunities to have ‘science on display’. If you wander along beside the ground floor level classrooms, you’ll see dynamic displays such as animal skeletons and an aquarium.

Shared student study areas are airy and fresh spaces, with plenty of natural light and a bright warm colour scheme that continues upwards through the main staircases on each level – all visible from below. The external façade on the eastern and southern sides features terracotta blades in subdued earthy tones that maximise natural light in the building while cleverly blocking harsh direct sunbeams.

The building currently has capacity for more than 450 staff and PhD students and 200 undergraduate biomedical and biological sciences students. UNSW is proud that researchers, teaching staff and students can benefit from this cutting-edge, world-class environment and be inspired to continue the important work that they are known for. 

The Biological Science Building Stage 2 is currently in construction and is anticipated to be completed by May 2019.