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Eco-friendly caterpillar trap

An insecticide-free pest control method implemented on campus is protecting our White Cedar trees from caterpillar damage.

Reduced lighting in Barker Street Parking Station

Due to the heavy rain, a number of lights have failed in the Barker Street car park.

Skip bin use on campus

Help improve the amount of skip bin waste we recycle by ensuring that cardboard is placed in the blue bin recycling service available across the campus.

Making way for winter grass

It's that time of year again when the summer couch grass makes way for the winter rye grass.

Don't dump that old fridge

If you need to get rid of a fridge from your office, school or department, please don't dump it with your general waste.

Join us for a Campus Safety Walk

Help us to improve safety on campus by coming on our after dark safety walk on Wednesday 13 May at 5.00pm.

Stay Safe on Campus at Night

Daylight saving came to an end on Sunday 5 April. If you're on campus after dark, take advantage of the number of services UNSW Security Services provides to make sure you stay safe on campus.

Temporary Footpath Closure at Gate 11

Due to construction activity for the new Biological Sciences building, the footpath on the north side of Gate 11 will be closed from 7.00am on Tuesday 14 April – 5.00pm on Saturday 18 April.

Refurbishing and Refurnishing the Blockhouse

The Blockhouse on the lower campus has recently had a makeover.


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