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Managing our paper waste

Facilities Management manages recycling of paper and cardboard waste and disposal of confidential waste.

Photovoltaics on the Library roof

If you stand on the Library Lawn and look up during the month of October, you’ll see a great deal of activity on the roof of the Library, as 423 photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed.

Make the right call in an emergency

If there is an emergency anywhere on a UNSW campus, don’t panic. Call Security Services’ emergency line on 9385 6666 to ensure the fastest response from the police, ambulance or fire brigade. 

Flipping the classroom

The redevelopment of the UNSW Business School ground floor into new generation ‘flipped’ learning and teaching spaces is now complete.

Take a (virtual) tour of the campus!

With the new UNSW Virtual Tour, you can take a walk through the Kensington and Paddington campuses without leaving your desk!

The Kensington Colleges win more industry awards

The Kensington Colleges development – home to almost 1000 students – has won a number of industry awards, including the 2014 National Architecture Awards.

A light bulb moment

Facilities Management is undertaking a major upgrade of light fittings to help reduce UNSW's electricity consumption.

Buying a second-hand car?

Did you know that UNSW staff can take advantage of our novated leasing arrangements to finance the purchase of a second-hand car?

Barker Street Parking Station

If you drive to the Kensington campus and have trouble finding a parking space, try the Barker Street Parking Station (N18).

Keeping unwanted vermin away from campus

Facilities Management has launched a new approach to managing rats and other vermin on campus. FM is working closely with food retailers and our pest control contractor (Ecolab) to improve waste storage and collection, plus deploy humane baiting programs to keep the numbers under control.


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