Car share & Taxis

GoGet carshare

GoGet carshare is a private initiative that provides many of the benefits of a car without the hassle of owning one. It has been designed for people who don’t need a car everyday but like to use one occasionally. As a member you have access to a comprehensive network of new cars all over Sydney.

GoGet has four cars available on the Kensington Campus:

  1. Two cars are located on Gate Avenue, near Gate 2 Avenue (B8). To access this location from outside UNSW, use Gate 2.
  2. One car and one van are located in the Gate 8 car park, near the Morven Brown building (C20). If you are coming from outside the University this car is best accessed via Gate 8 on High Street.

For more information and to join visit


UNSW is served by a number of taxi companies, with High St and Anzac Pde attracting the greatest number of passing taxis. If you'd like to book ahead, UNSW has a dedicated taxi line at the Help Point at Gate 14, on Barker St, or try Ingogo or Taxis Combined