UNSW Mail Centre

The Mail Centre provides a mail and courier service encompassing receipt and despatch of mail and internal collection and distribution of mail within the University.

The Mail Centre picks up and delivers to about 200 distribution points (maildrops) on and off the campus. Schedule of maildrop and collection generally happens within the expected timeframe. Please advise the Mail Centre if the distribution point in your office is relocated so we can revise our runs accordingly.

This website summarises the services provided by the Mail Centre and gives advice on how to use the system. Please email the Mail Centre at mailcentre@unsw.edu.au or call on ext. 56764 or 56763 with any questions.

Mail services cover:

  • Incoming mail is sorted by school/department or unit name, not by names of individuals. It is then delivered through our mail-run to the maildrops (usually at reception) who distribute the mail to the addressee. Incoming mail is not recorded, with the exception of Registered articles, for which identification numbers are recorded daily as proof of delivery.

    Please note that the Mail Centre does not handle incoming personal items. These should be arranged by courier direct to the recipient.

  • Outgoing mail is collected from the maildrops within the prescribed time band for that site. It is picked up by the service provider (currently Australia Post for domestic mail, TNT for couriered items and DHL Global for international mail) each afternoon on weekdays.

    If any outgoing letters miss the daily pickup, they can be brought down to the Mail Centre before 3pm for processing for the pick-up by Australia Post on the same day.

  • Internal mail is delivered and collected once daily at each maildrop. Mail is sorted by the school/department name, not by names of individuals, and the school/department will forward mail to the appropriate staff.

    All internal mail is sorted on the day of collection and delivered to maildrops on the next business day. Staff at maildrops then sort and distribute mail locally.


Additional mail services provided by the Mail Centre include:

Provision of Express Post products 

Express Post is an Australia Post guaranteed next workday delivery service (within the Express Post network - see postcodes listed on the back of envelope/satchel).

Staff can order prepaid Express Post products by contacting the Mail Centre and providing a name, Faculty/School/Department/Unit details, building name and room number and account code.

Registered Post services

This service is provided by the UNSW Local Post Office (LPO). It will be paid by the Mail Centre and billed back to the School/Unit if a registered post voucher from the Mail Centre is provided, with the chargeback account code (chart field) to the Post Office.

Bulk mail-outs

Departments are requested to advise the Mail Centre when preparing a large mail-out (more than 20 letters or parcels with similar size and weight).

If an urgent bulk mail-out is required, every effort will be made to ensure it is processed and dispatched on the same day.

For large bulk mail-outs an external mail house may be used. The Mail Centre has a list of preferred suppliers with whom more favourable rates for domestic and overseas bulk mail have been negotiated.

For more information on bulk mail-out requirements refer to Tips for Prompt and Cost Effective Mail Delivery.

Reply Paid mailouts

Where Reply Paid responses are required, the Green Print Centre can arrange design and printing of these envelopes.

Departments will be billed by the Mail Centre for postage at the time of ordering. The figure is based on a benchmarked average return rate.

The Reply Paid service covers all letter sizes within Australia, and Small Letters (DL size) up to 50 grams only for international Reply Paid. For more information contact the Mail Centre.


Courier Services

The Mail Centre provides courier services for same day (local), overnight (interstate) within Australia and internationally. The courier service is a ‘door to door’ service requiring the signature of the addressee.

Same day courier service is for the metropolitan area and the range of services are:

  • Standard (within 3hours)
  • VIP (within 1½ hours)
  • Direct (within 1 hour)

Please add an hour from the above delivery time for the courier to arrive and pick up the item. Please download the Courier Order Form, fill it in, save a pdf copy and email it to the Mail Centre at mailcentre@unsw.edu.au. The Mail Centre will confirm by email or phone upon receipt of the form. If you haven’t received a response within two hours, please contact the Mail Centre.

Overnight courier service is for interstate courier service to all capital cities. Regional areas typically require two days for delivery. This service requires name, street address (not a PO box or Locked Bag) and contact phone number of the receiver to avoid possible delays.

All items to be sent by overnight couriers must arrive at the Mail Centre by 2pm. Please download the Courier Order Form, fill it in, save a pdf copy and email it to the Mail Centre at mailcentre@unsw.edu.au. The Mail Centre will confirm by email or phone upon receipt of the form. If you have not received a response within one hour, please contact the Mail Centre.

The range of services for domestic overnight courier are:

  • Standard Express (NSW, VIC, SA, QLD only: by 5pm next day)
  • 9am Express (interstate: by 9am next day)
  • 10am Express (interstate: by 10am next day)
  • 12 noon Express (interstate: by 12 noon next day)
  • Road Express (interstate: for bulk or massive freight up to 2 to 4 days)

The international courier service is quicker than airmail, and for parcels is typically more cost-effective. It is also used when the ability to track the consignment is required and a signature as proof of delivery. This service requires name, street address (not a PO Box or Locked Bag) and contact phone number of the receiver/sender to avoid possible delays.

Please download the Courier Order Form, fill it in, save a pdf copy and email it to the Mail Centre at mailcentre@unsw.edu.au. The Mail Centre will confirm by email or phone upon receipt of the form. If you haven’t received a response within two hours, please contact the Mail Centre.

Additionally, a Customs Declaration Form MUST be completed for all articles (non-document, and documents in hard cover folders) other than printed matter under 2kg (documents) when sending articles by overseas couriers. It is a criminal offence to give misleading information. 

Non-document articles require a value in Australian currency, with the exception of articles being sent back to an overseas manufacturer for repairs, which should state the value of the repair only (i.e. not the item’s original value) in the currency of the overseas country.

Telephone and/or facsimile numbers of the proposed receiver of the article should be stated on the booking form.

All items to be sent by overseas couriers must be received by the Mail Centre by 2pm for collection that day.


Tips for Prompt and Cost-Effective Mail and Parcel Delivery

It is important that mail meets the requirements outlined below. This improves the efficiency of the mail service.


Addressing Requirements

Other Requirements/Comments

Incoming mail

Include full name of recipient and Department/School name


The UNSW Mailing Address is as follows:
Name of addressee (required)
School/Department (required)
UNSW Australia (optional)
UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 (all in caps)
AUSTRALIA (optional, but must appear on a separate line)

Normal incoming mail is not tracked. However, if you have a query about incoming Express Post mail, please call the Mail Centre with the unique Express Post tracking code number.

Please note, the Mail Centre does not accept delivery of personal items (such as wine), and dangerous goods.

Outgoing mail (normal)
  • Envelope must display the UNSW logo and the POSTAGE PAID AUSTRALIA logo. Do NOT put UNSW envelopes into the red post box without sufficient stamps, as they will not be sent and UNSW will be fined, which will be passed on to the sender.
  • The School/Department name should be in the top left hand corner for returned mail.


  • Standard size envelopes should be used where possible to reduce costs. Refer to the Australia Post website for details about standard sizes, weights and pricing.
  • Express Post envelopes/satchels should NOT be sent to the Mail Centre but should be placed by the sender into the Express Post mailbox (next to the UNSW Post Office) to ensure next day delivery (to relevant postcodes).
  • Please note, the Mail Centre does not accept dangerous goods for delivery. This includes alcohol. A specialist courier service should be used when required.
Outgoing mail (bulk mail-outs)
  • Obtain mail trays from Mail Centre
  • Place bulk mail facing all the same way in mail trays (required by Australia Post).
  • Count the quantity of bulk mail and provide the total quantity to Mail Centre.
  • Separate the bulk mail separate into three batches: internal, domestic and international.
  • Print addresses clearly and in accordance with relevant requirements (refer to Tips for Prompt and Efficient Mail Deliveries).
  • Do not use fold back clips, bulldog clips or paper clips on documents enclosed in envelopes. The sender will be responsible for any damage to the mailing machines of the University and/or Australia Post.
  • Provide the addresses in Excel to the Mail Centre to count the breakdown by state and country
Outgoing mail (parcels for courier collection) 

1. Use a strong container suitable for the content (eg to avoid spills).

2. Place the container in strong corrugated carton. Fill all space inside the carton with bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper. Make sure the items inside do not move.

3. Label "FRAGILE" or "TOP LOAD ONLY" if the item is breakable.

4. Print the sender and receiver address clearly and adhere the address label on the carton. If there is more than one carton, label appropriately, eg "1 of 3" and "2 of 3" etc.

5. Seal the carton with strong packing (adhesive) tape. Strap the carton if the item is heavy. Contact the Mail Centre if cartons for shipping by courier are required.
Internal mail
  • Clearly written or typed full address including postcode
All internal mail except that of a confidential nature must be despatched in reusable envelopes. These come in two sizes: Reusable Inter-Office envelope (220x110 and 324x230) and Inter-Office envelope (254x380).


Shipping insurance for all shipments of UNSW Assets (with asset barcode label) less than $200,000 in value are automatically insured by UNSW Insurance. If the value of a shipment exceeds $200,000, then special arrangements may need to be made with UNSW Insurance at least 14 days before shipment.