General Waste Audits: UNSW Campuses

To ensure we implement leading practices for waste management, Estate Management is undertaking a routine audit of general waste on our campuses.

07 Mar 2019
UNSW is committed to implementing leading practices with regards to waste management for our campuses.

To ensure we maintain our standards, Estate Management is undertaking a routine audit to assess the waste types disposed at UNSW into general waste bins. The aim is to identify individual waste types and then look at ways to target the reduction of this waste on campus (such as plastic cutlery, plates and packaging).

This audit will be conducted at each waste collection point across the Kensington, Paddington and Randwick Campuses and the Early Years child care centres.

A waste consultancy company will be carrying out these audits.

The audits will not impact current UNSW general waste services.

When is it happening?

Monday 11 to Saturday 16 March 2019: From 6am