ARCHIBUS is a modular system containing comprehensive information about space and assets at UNSW. It is for use by staff throughout UNSW.

This information can be used to manage buildings, assets, project finances, maintenance and repair services, and is an essential component of the UNSW emergency management and business continuity plans.


UNSW’s aspiration is to continuously improve our position as a leading research intensive university in the Asia-Pacific region. We seek to make a significant contribution to the development of knowledge, to learning and teaching, to our students and to society.

By supporting teaching and research, internal space management and works and services functions are a key part of UNSW’s ability to meet these strategic objectives.

In response to feedback from the Executive Team, faculties and divisions, Estate Management undertook extensive university-wide requirements gathering in relation to improving these functions.

This process led to procurement of a system for space management, project management (financial), asset management and works and services.

ARCHIBUS, the selected system, is used by more than half of Australian universities for space management and other facilities management functions.

What benefits does ARCHIBUS bring to UNSW?

ARCHIBUS improves the quality and quantity of data available for effective decision making and compliance purposes. It also helps to:

  • cut red tape and streamline processes
  • manage assets efficiently
  • improve service delivery for repairs and maintenance
  • identify costs associated with plant, equipment and building condition
  • improve accountability and transparency in project financial management
  • manage risk associated with critical equipment
  • improve emergency response.

What modules are currently available in ARCHIBUS?

  • Space Planning and Management: provides an inventory of all internal space statistics and reports about space allocation and functions on UNSW campuses.

By accurately tracking space inventory, this module streamlines space use, improves accountability, and aids in space planning.

For user guides and other related information for this module, go to the Floor plans & space management page.

  • Asset and Work Management: provides workflows for requesting, approving, and managing work requests. It also enables accurate tracking of recurring maintenance work.

This module simplifies processes and creates efficiencies in managing work requests, and enables improved forecasting of maintenance and capital budgets.

For user guides and other related information for this module, go to the Maintenance & repairs page.

  • Project Information and Management System (PIMS): manages project finances from budget allocation to conclusion, tracking the ongoing costs of the project as well as ownership and responsibilities.

PIMS interfaces with PeopleSoft, the University’s financial system, to ensure consistent and accurate financial reporting and contract administration and management.

  • Clean Building: provides a centralized database of hazardous building materials (asbestos etc) mapped to the existing space data.

This module provides vital information to inform teams and vendors of risks associated with spaces before they commence with project work or work requests. It assists with sound decision making and reporting.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning: provides a centralized repository of information for managing emergencies, including staff contact information, plans and procedures, information for generating status reports and contingency locations.

Will ARCHIBUS be developed further?

  • Estate Management runs a continuous improvement process with ARCHIBUS. An ARCHIBUS user group meets regularly to discuss issues and potential improvements. There is a bimonthly change process where non-urgent bug fixes and improvements are rolled out.
  • The system is now available as a mobile app (Archimobile). This will enable space auditors to enter space information on site, those working within various spaces to log issues as they arise and supervisors to approve service requests immediately.

Why should I use ARCHIBUS?

  • You should use ARCHIBUS to report faults and log service requests.
  • Once incorporated into your daily work practices, ARCHIBUS creates efficiencies that can save you time and effort and result in financial and productivity gains.
    • By collaborating to keep information in ARCHIBUS up-to-date, you will be able to use the system to assist you with your business continuity planning, space reporting and compliance requirements.
    • Each school should have a dedicated member of staff and documented procedures to ensure that information relevant to managing emergencies is kept up to date in ARCHIBUS.

How can I access ARCHIBUS?

To request access to ARCHIBUS, simply log a request with the IT Service Desk.

Where can I find out more about ARCHIBUS?

Further information and user guides can be found on the Maintenance & repairs and Floor plans & space information pages.