Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning schedule

Some of the key requirements for cleaning include:




Open plan offices

Spot cleaning floors

Wipe kitchen benches and sinks

Mop kitchen floors

Empty bins

Vacuum (twice weekly)

Single offices

Single offices are cleaned early on Wednesday mornings.

Bins will be only be emptied daily if left outside the door.


Empty bins

Meeting rooms

As for open plan offices but with daily vacuum/mop.

Blackboards/whiteboards will not be touched.


Teaching spaces

Empty bins

Wipe tables and bench tops

Clean whiteboards/blackboards and replenish chalk and markers

Spot cleaning or full vacuum/mop floors (alternate days)



Clean all toilets, urinals basins, partitions and walls

Mop floors

Replenish toilet paper and cloth/paper towels

Empty bins


Other spaces such as laboratories, circulation spaces, libraries, food courts, colleges and child care centres have different requirements.

In addition, most of the highly utilised buildings also have daytime janitorial staff present to freshen up bathrooms and kitchens and restock supplies. They also undertake any emergency cleaning which arises. Sometimes these cleaners are shared between a few buildings, depending on the level of use.

Programmed cleaning at less frequent intervals also occurs, such as scrubbing and buffing floors, shampooing carpets and washing windows.

If you have would like further information about cleaning please contact

You can expect a high standard of work from all our contractors. If you have any feedback about cleaning services on any of our campuses, please contact us.