Outdoor Event Booking

To hold an Outdoor Event (e.g. barbecue, information table or a special function) in an outdoor area, all Faculties, Departments and UNSW Arc student clubs and societies are required to book a location through Estate Management. This helps ensure that there are no double bookings and that all groups have the opportunity to hold a function on campus.

Due to the large number of requests, bookings are made on date of receipt basis.

All UNSW campuses are commercial-free zones. Distribution of advertising flyers, brochures, giveaways or other promotional materials, including food and drinks, is not permitted by external commercial operators on UNSW campuses. Event organisers are not authorised to make bookings on behalf of a commercial operator. Exceptions are made by Estate Management under certain terms and conditions during Orientation Week, Foundation Day and Open Day.

Booking a Barbecue or Information Stall

Outdoor Event Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to event.

All UNSW Arc Clubs and Societies must submit their applications online through Formstack. Hard copy applications will not be accepted from student groups.

Faculties, Schools and Departments need to complete and submit the EM Outdoor Event Application. Please allow 5 working days for approval. Confirmation of booking is emailed to the applicant prior to the event. Ensure you have a copy of the approved application on the day to present to Security Services if requested.

Provided there is no disturbance to nearby classes, barbecues may be held between 11.00am and 3.00pm. Applications for a barbecue outside of these hours are subject to approval by Estate Management.

The areas of Kensington Campus available for barbecues and various events are:

  • Michael Birt Lawn (D25)
  • Library Lawn Gravel Area (E21) (Electric Barbecue)
  • Morven Brown Lawn (C20)
  • Commerce Courtyard CLB (E20)
  • Ball Sculpture Lawn (H17)
  • Goldstein Courtyard (B16)
  • Chancellor’s Garden - Fountain OMB (J15) (Electric Barbecue)
  • Physics Lawn (L13) (Electric Barbecue)
  • Physics Courtyard – Graham Russell (K15)
  • Science Square Lawn (G13)
  • Alumni Park Lawn (D12)
  • Sam Cracknell (H8) (Electric Barbecue)

Refer to the interactive Kensington Campus Map or download the Kensington Campus map to find the above locations.

Outdoor event

Booking a Special Event

Special events include O Week, Open Day, Arts Week, festivals, bands, Faculty functions, charity drives, displays and promotional events. A completed application pack is to be submitted at least one month in advance of the event. This application pack must include (as applicable):

Faculties, schools and divisions refer to the DEx UNSW Events Toolkit for further guidelines.

A liquor license and a list of the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate holders who will be serving alcohol during the event (if alcohol is being sold at the function). This license is available from the Licensing Court of NSW.

A list of phone numbers and email addresses of the event coordinator who will be available to be contacted on the day(s) of the event

A ‘mud map’ showing layout of any marquees, stalls or activities in the requested location.

Special function organisers are encouraged to contact Estate Management staff during the planning stages for information and assistance with the University’s guidelines and health and safety responsibilities. For more information on health and safety please read the Risk Assessment and Control Procedure, call UNSW OHS 9385 1565 or email ohs@unsw.edu.au.

Please note:

Vehicles are not permitted on the main walkway between 8.00am and 6.00pm during semester.

All marquees, stalls or any equipment are to be weighted down, not pegged.

All electrical equipment hired or provided for the event is to be tested and tagged prior to installation.

Outdoor locations available for booking:

Library Lawn Gravel Area (south-west corner) (E21)

Globe Sculpture Lawn (H17)

Morven Brown Lawn (C20)

Science SquareLawn (G13)

Commerce Courtyard (E20)

PhysicsLawn (L13)

Michael Birt Lawn (D25)

Physics Courtyard (Graham Russell) (H8)

Chancellor's Garden - Fountain OMB (J15)

Sam Cracknell BBQ (H8)

Goldstein Courtyard (B16)

Alumni Park Lawn (D12)

Other areas will be considered on a case by case basis.

More Information

Arc Clubs and societies may hire tables from Arc@UNSW only when a booking has been confirmed by Estate Management.

Estate Management do not hire tables or any other items.

Space for information and promotion tables may be reserved by clubs and societies affiliated with Arc@UNSW, UNSW Sport and Recreation or faculties and divisions of the University

External or commercial operators are not authorised to book a table space.

Tables may be set up in the following 2 locations:

Library Forecourt

Five spaces are available for:

- event promotions/information
- fundraising (including pre-approved food sales). All electrical equipment hired or provided for the event is to be tested and tagged prior to installation
- ticket/other sales (for fundraising purposes)
- member recruitment


Four spaces are available in the south west corner of the Quadrangle outside the Quad store and Q Lounge for:

- event promotions/information
- ticket/other sales (for fundraising purposes)
- member recruitment

Food sales are not approved in this location.

Please ensure that access to the lift and shops is maintained

It is best to book early to avoid disappointment. Banners may be attached ONLY to tables and stalls. For safety reasons banners are not permitted to be attached to UNSW buildings.

Piloting a drone for UNSW purposes is seen as commercial activity by CASA.

Accordingly, UNSW holds a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (ReOC; ARN: 829135), overseen by the CASA-certified Chief Controller and Maintenance Controller, Dr Yincai Zhou, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Policy and administrative support is provided by Research Ethics & Compliance Support.

Note that the UNSW Kensington campus lies within the 5.5km airspace controlled by Sydney airport air traffic service. Any drone operations within this space require written approval by CASA.

Applications should be submitted via Research Ethics & Compliance Support.

For further information go to UNSW Research  or email drones@unsw.edu.au.

For outdoor events where alcohol will be consumed, a separate HS017 Risk Management Form must be submitted in addition to other Risk Management forms associated with the event.

A Security Event Proform must also be completed. Contact Security Services for a copy of the form.

A liquor license and a list of the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate holders who will be serving alcohol during the event (if alcohol is being sold at the function).

The RSA license is available from the Licensing Court of NSW.