General Guidelines  

  • Any person or group holding a function on a UNSW campus should make a booking to ensure the area is available and all work, health and safety issues have been considered.  

  • A bond of $300.00 may be required at the time of booking. The bond will be held to cover any damages or excess cleaning charges. Arc @ UNSW and UNSW Sport & Recreation affiliated clubs and societies are not required to pay a bond however any damages will be managed through Arc @ UNSW or UNSW Sport and Recreation and any extreme or repeated occurrences of damage or disturbance may result in a loss of booking rights to the club or society. Faculties and departments may be asked to provide an account code for cleaning costs should any extra cleaning be required. 

  • Alcohol may not be sold without an appropriate liquor license. The liquor license is to be presented when submitting an application to hold an event. This license is available from the Licensing Court of NSW. To serve alcohol at any event a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is required.  

  • Requests for functions outside the guidelines will be considered on an individual basis. To avoid disappointment, EM recommends that bookings are made at least two weeks before the proposed date.

Guidelines for Lawn Bookings  


Library Lawn

Quadrangle Lawn

These lawns may only be used for special University approved events (e.g. Orientation Week, Foundation Day, Open Day, International Festival and Solar Car Challenge). Barbecues are not permitted on these turf areas due to the high cost involved in reinstating the lawns if damaged. The lawns are deemed passive recreation areas for the enjoyment of all students and staff.

Library Lawn

Power supply to the stage area can be organised through Estate Management on 9385 5111. This power circuit also controls the amplification of any device on the circuit. Noise restrictions apply when an event uses amplification and event bookings are subject to the impact on meetings in the Council Chambers.

Michael Birt Lawn  

Library Square (SW Corner) Morven Brown Lawn  

Goldstein Courtyard  

John Lions Garden  

Chancellor's Garden  

Sam Cracknell BBQ Ball Sculpture Lawn  

Science Theatre Lawn  

Alumni Park Lawn  

Arc affiliated Clubs/societies and Faculty/School events providing catering to their members.   Please place cardboard under the barbecue in the locations where a built-in BBQ is not available, to collect cooking oil and fat spills.  

Physics Lawn

BBQs, faculty or school functions. This is the only campus lawn where ball games are encouraged.   

CLB Courtyard  

Library Walkway  

Fundraising food and drink sales and giveaways.   In order to give Clubs and Societies an equal opportunity, organisations are asked to limit their fundraising food and drink sales to one event per semester. Please bear in mind health and hygiene issues and also follow food safety guidelines prior to selling food for fundraising purposes. 

Quad Colonnade  

Fundraising and tickets sale No food or drink sale is allowed in this location 

Bill Posting, Graffiti and Chalking  

  • Notice boards for posters advertising events by clubs and societies are provided across campus. The University asks that posters not be placed in other locations as they may damage walls and surfaces  

  • The removal of posters and any damage caused by posters will be managed through Arc @ UNSW, Sport and Recreation, faculties and other groups and any extreme or repeated occurrences of damage may result in a loss of booking rights to the club or society or group  

  • Unfortunately chalking causes damage to pavers, sandstone and tiled surfaces and is costly to remove from vertical surfaces (e.g. walls, covered stairways and/or step risers). If you are using chalk to advertise your event, please only write on bitumen roads  

  • Election posters may be put up in the two weeks prior to student elections. After the elections the parties involved should remove all electioneering media and posters from the campus within 48 hours. Failure to do so may (at the discretion of Arc @ UNSW) preclude your team from further elections  

  • Posters or stickers should not be attached on any painted surface.

Banners and Sandwich Boards  

  • Banners may be displayed on tables, marquis and stalls, however due to safety reasons we ask that you do not fix banners to the buildings. Exceptions will be considered on application in a case by case basis (e.g. Orientation Week, Blood bank, International Festival, Careers Day etc.)  

  • Sandwich boards are not encouraged, however, exceptions may be made for UNSW departments advising official UNSW business (e.g. Venues and Events, Library and Arc @ UNSW events and activities including academic dress services provided by Arc @ UNSW)  

Advertising and Promotions  

We strive to keep the campus as free from commercial advertising as possible. Advertising by external agencies may only be carried out with the prior approval. Any promotional giveaways of food or drinks may be offered outside the University grounds at pedestrian entrances or within the Blockhouse/Roundhouse precinct if approved by Arc @ UNSW.  

Vehicle Access and Parking for Events  

  • All vehicles requiring access to the UNSW grounds must comply with the RMS Restricted Parking Rules and the UNSW Parking Rules  
  • Vehicles must not park on grassed areas  
  • Vehicles must not park on slopes  
  • Vehicles are prohibited to access or cross the Main Walkway between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday  
  • Infringements may be issued if parked illegally  
  • Please email Parking regarding any loading/unloading requirements or access to non-parking areas and pedestrian walkways for function deliveries