Floor plans & space information

ARCHIBUS is a modular system that enables Estate Management to manage its buildings, assets, projects, maintenance and repair services. The space management module allows UNSW staff to view floor plans across the University and to report on a wide range of space information such as data relating to room size, type, function, capacity, room number and allocation. Floor plans can be viewed on screen or printed and can display information such as room usage or occupant.

ARCHIBUS is regularly updated for changes resulting from building renovations, demolitions and new constructions, and alterations to room usage or occupancy.

Accessing ARCHIBUS

To request access to ARCHIBUS please call the IT Servicedesk on 9385 1333 or email Servicedesk. Once you have been given access, click on the login button to the right, and log in with your zID and zPass. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the IT Servicedesk.

Guides and related information
Training videos


Demonstrations are held regularly by the Space Management team and include login details and how to use reports and floorplans. If you would like the Space Management team to organise a presentation for your area, click here to send an email.

UNSW Asbestos Management Plan

Visit UNSW's Health and Safety website and search for 'asbestos' to access the UNSW Asbestos Management Plan and related documents.