Maintenance & repairs

Estate Management is responsible for maintenance and repair to buildings and grounds. Staff are able to request services from the following areas:

  • general repairs
  • notification of building service shutdowns  
  • air conditioning, temperature settings
  • electrical and lighting
  • landscaping and grounds 
  • keys and locks
  • moving and office relocation 
  • furniture moving and storage
  • plumbing 
  • cleaning and waste collection
  • parking
  • building alterations and additions
  • signs – doors and external
  • building and room access

If you would like to log a Request for Works and Services (RWS) please log in to ARCHIBUS. Please note you must be registered in ARCHIBUS to log a RWS.

To request access to ARCHIBUS, please call the IT Servicedesk on 9385 1333 or email Servicedesk. Once you have been given access, click on the login button to the right, and log in using your zID and zPass. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the IT Servicedesk.

User guides

ARCHIBUS Asset Service Desk Module (ASDM) User Guide

For more information, email Estate Management or call (02) 9385 5111. For any urgent repairs after hours, contact Security Services emergency on (02) 9385 6666. 

View upcoming shutdowns of essential building services

ARCHIBUS users can access a live report of all shutdowns and fire isolations in UNSW. 

You can filter information to a building or floor location. You can also generate a report by clicking the 'XLS' button and select your preferred date range by clicking on Start Date at the top of the screen, then selecting the period of time you wish to view. Please ensure you click the ‘Show’ button to display this information.

Once you have finished viewing the report, please click the ‘Sign Out’ button on the top right hand side of the screen.

Download the ARCHIBUS Shutdown/Fire Isolation Report guide for further information about setting up a custom report.   

Register to receive shutdown notifications for your building

UNSW staff can register to receive email notifications for shutdown work occurring in their building. The notifications will be limited to maintenance work requiring shutdown of services, as well as other critical building information. 

To join a mailing list

  • Send a blank email to:
  • Replace the XXXX with the code number of the building you would like to register for, e.g,

To unsubscribe from a mailing list

  • Send a blank email to
  • Replace the XXXX with the code number of the building you would like to unregister for, e.g, 

If you require further assistance with this process, please contact Estate Management on 9385 5111 or