Welcome to Estate Management

Estate Management (EM) is one of the largest non-academic units at the UNSW Australia (UNSW). EM provides a range of services and advice to Faculties, Divisions and the University Executive Team by providing campus master planning, infrastructure planning, development, construction, refurbishment, maintenance and environmental and space management. EM also provides a wide range of logistic and associated services to ensure a safe and secure campus environment.

Our objective

As custodians of UNSW, EM’s overall objective is to plan, design, build, maintain and secure our campus. 
EM aims to provide effective services to the University community to enhance the student and staff experience. Click here for more information on EM departments.

Latest News & Events

Services during the UNSW Shutdown

Find out what service arrangements will be in place for the UNSW shutdown from Tuesday 19 December 2017 to Monday 1 January 2018.

Summer Shuttle Shutdown

The Kensington – Paddington Shuttle Service and Evening Security Bus Services will not run for the Summer break. Find out about timing and more details here

Lift Modernisation These Holidays

Estate Management is undertaking a lift modernisation program to upgrade three of UNSW’s lifts: Morven Brown (C20), Robert Webster (G14) and Randwick (R14).

UNSW Express Bus Service: Holiday timetable plus new route numbers

From Monday 27 November 2017, the UNSW express bus services from High Street to Central will be renumbered to Routes 898 and 893.

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