New UNSW Sydney Plastic Free Dining awards

UNSW has introduced a new award scheme to recognise the efforts of our retailers to phase out single-use plastics.

Since launching in O-Week 2021, Plastic Free Dining has seen the implementation of a new three-bin system, promoted dine-in and BYO to reduce waste, and taken the University towards its goal of 100% compostable single-use packaging. The efforts of the UNSW community to facilitate dine-in and BYO cups, containers and utensils has been a central part of this program.

Launching in early 2022 by Estate Management, the awards will recognise University retailers with a gold, silver or bronze rating to reflect their progress, communicate the level of Plastic Free Dining available to customers, and provide more guidance on increasing plastic free offerings. Find out more about the program and award criteria here.

Gold, silver and bronze ratings will be displayed at retail locations and on the Estate Management website, so students and staff know where they can dine plastic free at UNSW. Support from the University’s retailers has been key to the progress made through Plastic Free Dining. Check out the progress of our plastic free retailers here.

Award ratings

How can you help?

  • Make an informed choice. Choose to support gold, silver and bronze awarded retailers to celebrate their ongoing commitment to Plastic Free Dining. Many retailers offer discounts for bringing your own cups or containers.
  • Eat well, feel good. Dine in or bring your own utensils, cups, bottles and food containers to campus. Check out our handy Sustainability map for locations of free water refill stations, dishwashing facilities, plastic free retailers and much more.
  • Get it in the right bin. Make sure you check the signs and put your waste in the right place. Find out more about our waste streams and where your waste goes from UNSW.

For the details of the program, go to Plastic Free Dining on the Sustainability website. The PFD program and the new award initiative are aligned with the University’s Environmental Sustainability Plan 2019-21 and vision to be a catalyst for an environmentally sustainable future.