About Us

Estate Management is one of the largest non-academic units at UNSW. We provide a range of services and advice to Faculties, Divisions and the University Executive Team by providing campus master planning, infrastructure planning, development, construction, refurbishment, maintenance and environmental and space management. We also provide a wide range of logistic and associated services to ensure a safe and secure campus environment. Our role is to plan, design, build, maintain and secure our campus.

Estate Management is made up of six departments:

Asset Management - Providing strategic and long term planning advice for the University.

Development - Leading the creation and delivery of the major development projects and whole of building refurbishments.

Property Management - Act as the main conduit with EM’s customers, through Customer Liaison (Business Partners) and Refurbishment & Reconfiguration (Estate Improvement).

Facilities Management - Manages the University’s buildings, services and infrastructure to keep them operating, clean and fit for purpose.

Security & Traffic Management - Providing a safe and secure campus environment by managing risks, developing effective plans and procedures and maintaining robust systems.

Sustainability - Responsible for the overall strategy and vision for environmental sustainability at UNSW.

For more information, download the Estate Management structure or staff can go to the Estate Management intranet.