Public Transport

UNSW Sydney’s main campus in Kensington and UNSW Art & Design campus in Paddington are both located in the eastern suburbs and are easily accessible by public transport. Catch a train to Central or the CBD, catch a connecting UNSW Express, or other bus service, or the L2 Light Rail to Kensington campus. Explore the map below or download the PDF.  

UNSW Bus routes map

UNSW Express Buses

You can catch the 891 Express to UNSW from Eddy Ave, Stand D at Central. You’ll be able to get off at Gate 8 or Gate 3.  Sydney Buses and UNSW Security provide staff to assist with boarding passengers, and to keep the queues moving as quickly as possible.

There are plenty of Express buses during term time, and the services operate on a reduced timetable when Trimesters are not in session.

You can catch the 898 Express bus to Central from Gate 8 on High St. There is just one stop at Eddy Avenue at Central Station.

You can catch the 893 Express bus to Central from Gate 3 on High St. There is just one stop at Eddy Avenue at Central Station.

There are plenty of Express buses during term time, but the services operate on a reduced timetable when Trimesters are not in session.

You can catch the UNSW Night Shuttle from your location on campus to your parked car, bus, or tram stop between 6.30 and 11.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. It’s free.

The bright yellow shuttle bus will stop at car parks, colleges and libraries on Kensington and Randwick Campuses and close to bus stops. You can track the shuttle bus via the StaySafe@UNSW app or track it by visiting the UNSW DoubleMap.  

You can catch the UNSW Shuttle bus that runs between UNSW Kensington campus and UNSW Art & Design Paddington campus.

The bus stops are at Gate 8 on High Street, Kensington and Greens Road, Paddington near the Art & Design campus entrance.

For more information on the timetable, click here.

Light Rail to UNSW

You can catch the light rail from Circular Quay to Randwick. UNSW has a dedicated stop near Gate 9, at the corner of High Street and Wansey Road. 

The L2 Randwick Line includes 14 stops between Circular Quay and Randwick, running down George St through the CBD, Haymarket, Central, Surry Hills, Moore Park, UNSW Gate 9, and ending at Randwick Hospital Campus on High St, Randwick.  

High-frequency services mean you can just turn up and go. The CBD and South East Light Rail service operates as a turn-up-and-go service. It runs every 4-8 minutes between Circular Quay and Central, and every 8-12 minutes between Central and Randwick in the 7.00am-7.00pm peak on weekdays. You can see when the next one is coming by checking the displays on the platform, or on the Transport for NSW app. Tap on and off at the Opal card readers on the platform. 

In March 2020, the L3 Kingsford Line will open. UNSW will have a dedicated stop on Anzac Parade. The L3 Kingsford Line will add five more stops between Moore Park and Kingsford including a stop at Nine Ways and UNSW Anzac Parade.  

Frequently asked questions

A maximum of three buses can safely be loaded, under STA supervision only, at the 891 bus stop in Eddy Avenue at a time, due to space constraints and passenger safety. Sydney buses provides two dedicated staff members, during the academic terms, to assist with safe and efficient boarding of the buses at Eddy Avenue during the morning peak. UNSW also provides security guards to assist with queue management. 

UNSW has lobbied for the 891 to pick up passengers from alternative locations, but this has not been possible due to a lack of space. Supplementary routes from Green Square and Redfern have been trialled in the past, but we discontinued them as the numbers were too low. 

Sydney buses do not have enough buses or extra personnel to provide a separate staff only service. The queues move quickly and the buses are frequent enough so a separate service cannot be justified.