Booking Your Event

Submit your request here no less than 14 days before your intended event date to allow up to five working days for a response from Estate Management. 

You may only hold an event once your request has been confirmed. UNSW Security Services are permitted to approach event organisers for confirmation of their booking. 

Built-in barbeques are located in the Chancellor’s Garden, at the Library Lawn Gravel Area, at the Physics Lawn and at the Sam Cracknell Barbeque for events. 

BYO barbeques are permitted for the following locations: Alumni Park East and West Lawns, Globe Sculpture Lawn, John Lion’s Garden, Michael Birt Lawn, Morven Brown Lawn, Science Theatre Lawn, Commerce Courtyard and Goldstein Courtyard. Safety precautions listed below. 

You will need to complete this Barbeque Risk Assessment Form prior to your event.

Estate Management does not provide furniture for these requests. 

There are five spaces for tables in front of the Library, and four spaces at the Quadrangle to book for information stalls at UNSW. 

The Library Walkway is a public space for staff and students to promote their clubs, societies and events. If you wish to sell baked goods to fundraise for your cause, society or club, please mention this in your booking application form. 

The Quadrangle Colonnade is a public space for staff and students to promote their clubs, societies and events. Fundraising and commercial sale of food and drinks is not permitted due to proximity to retail outlets. 

Estate Management does not provide furniture for these requests. 

A special event is an event which draws on multiple spaces, on the same day or over multiple dates, requires set up and pack down, and other support such as UNSW Security Services. 

To secure your location for a Special Event on campus like a Faculty function, a special display or an event as big as O Week, Open Day or Artsweek you will need to supply extra information ahead of time - at least 1 month in advance. 

How to book a special event on campus 

1. Request your Location here

2. Email Estate Management via with the below documentation: 

  1. Your event organiser's name, position, mobile number and email address
  2. Your event floor plan for marquees, stalls or activities 
  3. A runsheet of your event including bump in and out of stalls, marquees and equipment
  4. A list of RSA Certificates for any waitstaff selling alcohol at your event, if applicable
  5. A completed HS017 Risk Assessment Form for your event
  6. A completed Security Event Proforma, if required.

Event Support

All electrical equipment needs to be tested and tagged prior to installation. For connection of your electrical equipment to UNSW power sources, please contact Estate Management to arrange a contractor to assist with set up and installation.  

Please advise the Estate Management team at or 9385 5111 to organise an onsite appointment. 

There are multiple car parks across the campus for general use. All drivers on UNSW grounds will need to comply with both RMS Restricted Parking Rules and UNSW Parking Rules. These rules are designed to stop vehicles from parking where it is dangerous or inconvenient for others.

Please note vehicles are not permitted on the Main Walkway between 8am and 6pm during term time.

If you need special access to non-parking areas and pedestrian walkways for deliveries or collections, contact for assistance.

If you are hosting an event outside of business hours, or require extra support for any reason, UNSW Security can assist. Please make your request using the Extra Security Request Form (Security Event Pro Forma).

Please contact if you require assistance.

Estate Management can organise additional waste bins for general waste disposal and recycling purposes at your event for: 

  • Paper and cardboard, and 
  • General waste

Estate Management needs a minimum of 3 days notice before an event to supply these bins. Let us know where and when your event will be held, and when you'll need the bins removed. 

Contact to arrange.

Do's & Don'ts

Pinboards - Do use pinboards located around the campus corridors and walkways to advertise your events on campus. These are designed to give staff and students an opportunity to advertise without damaging campus grounds. 

A-frames – Do not use sandwich boards if possible as these can be a trip hazard. If you need to use an A-frame, please ensure walkways and corridors are kept clear.

Banners – Do not fix banners to buildings or tie to trees as it is unsafe. You can use banners on tables, marquis and stalls. Contact us at if you wish to request an exemption. 

Chalk – Do not use chalk on pavers, sandstone, tiles, walls, covered stairways or step risers as it is very difficult to remove. Only use chalk on bitumen roads.

Commercial advertising - All UNSW campuses are commercial-free zones. The distribution of advertising flyers, brochures, giveaways or other promotional materials including food and drinks is not permitted by external commercial operators on campus. Any promotional giveaways of food and drinks may be offered outside UNSW grounds at pedestrian entrances, or within the Blockhouse and Roundhouse with prior approval from Arc @ UNSW. Contact us at if you need assistance.

Graffiti – Graffiti is not permitted on UNSW campus property.

Posters, sticky tape and stickers – Do not attach these to any painted surface such as walls, railings, bathrooms, doors or pillars. These can damage the paint work on UNSW campus grounds.



If your posters damage UNSW grounds at time of removal, you may be charged for damages and/or may lose yours or your Club/Society/Group’s booking rights.

Any installations of marquees, stalls or any activations such as a jumping castle being set up on campus lawns and gardens must be weighted down to protect campus property and underground services. Pegging is not allowed under any circumstance.


You must ensure that anyone selling alcohol holds a current RSA Certificate.  

You must use turf/hard surface protection underneath the barbeque to collect cooking oil and prevent spills and drips. 

To manage safety risks, your barbeque must   

  • use gas not coal
  • be maintained and serviced in accordance with manufacturer instructions
  • have been purchased from a reputable supplier and be certified
  • have a safety gauge. 

You will be held responsible for ensuring public safety at your events. Make sure you: 

  • review the NSW Fire and Rescue’s tips for hosting a safe barbeque,
  • review the NSW Office of Fair Trading on Gas Safety and your responsibilities
  • ensure your barbeque has a Gas Safety Gauge which detects leaks and shuts off gas in the event of a gas leak.