Parking on campus

There are plenty of spaces to park on campus including Barker St Carpark with entry through Gate 14 and Botany St Carpark with entry through Gate 11. We also have outdoor carparks with entries through Gate 2, 5 and Gate 8, and the Western Campus Carpark with entry off Day Avenue.

UNSW Staff can apply for a parking permit via the new vPermit system. For staff on continuing and fixed-term arrangements, these will continue to be offered as salary sacrifice. For staff on other arrangements, these can be purchased using a debit or credit card. 

Visit the UNSW vPermit website to register. 

‘Pay as you go’ staff parking is offered through the CellOPark App at a flat rate of $8 per day (standard) or $24 per day (reserved). ‘Pay as you go’ is not eligible for salary sacrifice. 

You will need to download and register via the CellOPark App. 

Casual and visitor parking will continue to be offered via the CellOPark App and ‘pay by plate meters’ at current rates. Fees are currently being charged.

Parking is free between 7.30pm and 7.30am weekdays; and all day on weekends and public holidays. 

UNSW is a Restricted Parking Area and regulated under the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Australian Road Rules 2014. Signs are displayed at all entrances to the campus. You will be fined if you park contrary to the conditions displayed on signage. All vehicles must only park within a marked bay. 


Parking Permits

Find which one applies to you, and how to purchase one. Parking permits can be purchased from Security & Traffic Management via the vPermit website.

Staff are eligible to purchase a parking permit to park in the dedicated UNSW Permit Holder parking bays in the various carparks on campus.

Annual Permits

  • Annual Permits must be applied for online through the vPermit system.
  • Annual permits are valid for the calendar in which they are purchased.
  • Multiple vehicle registration numbers can be entered into the vPermit system, but it is the driver’s responsibility to select the ‘active’ vehicle which is parked on campus in the vPermit system.
  • Where a permit is purchased using either a credit or debit card, and the permit is no longer required, the permit holder should cancel the permit in the vPermit system and the refund request will be reviewed by the Security & Parking Team for processing. The refund amount is calculated from the date on which the permit is cancelled and will be shown on the cancelled permit information in the vPermit system, less a $25 administration fee.
  • If a refund is not requested when an annual permit is cancelled, the credit balance will remain on the permit and can be used if the permit is reactivated later.

Pay as you go (PAYG) Parking Permits

  • PAYG Permits are available for all UNSW Permit Holder Bays across all University Campuses.
  • PAYG permits must be applied and paid for through a CellOPark account.
  • Staff and students must provide a valid zID to be eligible for PAYG parking permits. If a valid zID is not provided, the driver will be issued with a casual parking permit and the relevant casual parking rates will be charged. The driver will not be eligible for a refund in the event they later provide a valid zID.
  • PAYG permits are valid from the time a session is started through the CellOPark app. Failure to start a session will result in no permit being issued and may result in a parking infringement.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to select the ‘active’ vehicle parked on campus in the CellOPark app. Failure to have the correct vehicle active will result in the correct vehicle not being issued with a permit and may result in a parking infringement.
  • PAYG permits will be charged to the credit/debit/prepaid card associated with your CellOPark account at the end of each billing cycle. The CellOPark billing cycle concludes on the 24th of each month.
  • Payment against your card will be processed by CellOPark on the 25th or 26th of each month for the parking on campus in the previous month.
  • The management of vehicles is through the driver’s CellOPark account and not the vPermit system.
  • Approved refunds will be processed by CellOPark on the 25th or 26th of each month for fee incurred in the previous month. Requests for parking refunds must be approved by UNSW. Refunds will not be provided for the incorrect use of location codes.

There is 2P, 4P and All-Day metered parking for students and visitors around campus.

You can find All Day parking spots on the top floors of the Barker St Carpark, with entry via Gate 14; and the Botany St Carpark, with entry via Gate 11; and Western Campus.

You can find 2P or 4P parking spots in the carparks via High St Gates 2, 5 and 8; and via Barker St Gate 14 and on Western Campus. Parking is also available at our Randwick Campus, via King St Randwick.

PhD and residential students (who reside in UNSW-operated accommodation) are eligible to purchase a parking permit to park in the dedicated UNSW Permit Holders parking bays in the various carparks on campus. 

You will need to make a non-refundable up-front payment and provide a copy of your vehicle registration papers with your application form. If you are a residential student, you will also need to provide a copy of your tenancy contract.

Please visit the Security & Traffic Management Office to arrange your parking permit. Check how much you will need to pay for parking here

Once you have completed your Contractor Safety Induction, and obtained your UNSW ID card, you can purchase your parking permit. You will need to register on the vPermit website and apply for your permit there. You can apply for a daily, weekly or annual parking permit online. To pay for the permit, you will need to present yourself at the Gate 2 Security and Traffic Office, present your UNSW ID card and make a non-refundable upfront payment. After this, your permit will become active and you will be able to park in any ‘UNSW Permit Holder’ bays. 

Loading zones are available for the period of time marked on the sign. You are expected to offload the materials you need, and then park in the permit holder or casual ticket parking areas. If you need to use the Loading Zone for a longer time period, advise your Estate Management Project Manager before time, who will contact the Security & Traffic Management Office for approval. For after-hours approvals contact UNSW Security on 9385 6000.

Permissions for Loading Zone parking extensions are only granted if emergency works are being undertaken, or if you need to work from your vehicle. Any vehicle type (not only commercial vehicles) can park in a Loading Zone bay if needed.

Under the RMS Mobility Parking Scheme, mobility parking permit holders can park in any unreserved bay on campus.

Your Mobility parking permit must only be displayed when the permit holder is in the vehicle. Make sure you always display your parking permit to avoid being fined. Fines apply for parking in Mobility parking spaces which infringe the conditions of use. 


Parking Fines


Parking at UNSW is regularly patrolled by UNSW Security Parking Officers. All UNSW campuses regulated by the RMS' Restricted Parking Scheme, linked to the Self Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS), and operated by the NSW Government Revenue NSW. 

UNSW Security parking officers will issue parking infringement notices as required if vehicles are parked in breach of the UNSW Parking Rules. You must make sure your car is wholly parked within the marked bay lines. If you park contrary to any parking condition, signs, or do not comply with directions given by UNSW Security Parking Officers, you may receive an infringement. UNSW Security parking officers are equipped with sound and video recording devices for safety purposes.

Parking infringements issued on campus have the same force in law as infringements issued by Police or Rangers. UNSW is unable to revoke infringements issued legally. 


Full FAQs are available for download:

UNSW can accommodate visiting organisations with their bus or coach parking on campus. Buses/Coaches must not park outside of these bus bays on campus. Penalties may apply.

Buses/Coaches can park in the following locations, noting size restrictions: 

  • Gate 11: 2 x mini-bus bays (22-seater maximum) located on the open space of Botany St carpark; and
  • Gate 14: 2 x coach bus bays (52-seater maximum) located on the exit side of Gate 14.

To book any of the mentioned bus bays, please complete the Scheduled Event booking form

If you are issued with a parking infringement, you have 21 days to request a reviewpay the penalty in full, or to contest the notice in Court. You can pay your fine online at Revenue NSW.  

Parking infringements issued on campus have the same force in law as infringements issued by Police or Rangers. UNSW is unable to revoke infringements issued legally. 

For more information contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118. 

We have two dedicated parking spaces for parents with prams. One is on the ground floor of the  Botany St Carpark with entry via Gate 11, and one in the Barker Street Carpark with entry via Gate 14. A baby capsule or child's car seat will need to be visible through the windows of your car to avoid a parking fine. 

Yes! Book here or download the free Share with Oscar mobile app. Discounted parking rates apply if you reserve online. 

UNSW are proud to support Share with Oscar, a UNSW founded technology start up, who are solving the parking pain in our urban cities.

Find out more about their story here.

Yes! There are six electric vehicle charging stations located on the rooftop level of the Botany Street car park.

Users will be required to download the Chargefox App and set up an account to pay for charging.

The usual parking fees for students, staff and visitors also apply via a vPermit or the CellOPark App.

Visit the UNSW solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations page for more details.