Whether for recreation, fitness or your daily commute, cycling is good for your health, your wallet and the planet.

UNSW Sydney's Kensington campus is easy to get to and round by bicycle and now has around 1,000 bicycle spaces, one secure bike hub, multiple shower facilities, and drinking fountains.



Try to choose cycleways, shared paths and quieter streets for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

Consider apps that can help you plan your journey. Randwick City Council City cycling maps and the City of Sydney cycling map show cycle routes and infrastructure nearby. You can also use interactive mapping tools and to plan your route.

Find your nearest bike parking spot, shower or repair station on the UNSW Interactive Map. Only park your bike in the racks provided throughout the campus or in our secure bicycle store. Lock your bike to the bike racks using a quality lock, and avoid leaving your bike in the racks overnight or over the weekend.

Our secure bicycle hub Barker Street Bike Store, opened in 2020, offers 35 secure parking spaces and 46 lockers. You can find out how to secure access here.

Transport for NSW offers information about how to stay safe on your bike and with this animation, 'It's a Two Way Street'. 

Be careful around the Light Rail. Note that the tracks can be slippery when wet, and that your bike wheel can get stuck if you ride on them or cross them at a small angle.

If you can’t, it’s always safer to dismount before crossing.

Make sure you are seen by drivers. Wear bright clothing or a hi-vis vest, and always wear a helmet. Remember to promote pedestrian path sharing behaviour, everyone has a part to play in safety. Be alert and dismount if safe.

When cycling on campus, please cycle slowly and observe signs indicating when to dismount. Always give way to pedestrians on and off campus.

Arc Bike-ology offers bike maintenance workshops on Tuesdays and Thursday from 12-2PM (book online).

UNSW staff can access the UNSW Cyclists group on Yammer, and staff and HDR students can join the Bike2UNSW group on Teams.

UNSW Cycling & Triathlon Club is focused on competitive road cycling and triathlon and runs weekly rides.

Further support may be available through Bicycle NSW, offering resources, a Bike Safety Checks factsheet and insurance options for members. 

If you've lost your bike on campus or think it has been stolen, contact Security Services on 02 9385 6000 for assistance. 

Security Services regularly monitor bikes parked around campus and tags bikes suspected of being abandoned. If your bike is left in the same spot for two weeks or more, it will be removed and held by Security for at least two months before being disposed of if left unclaimed.  

If you have not contacted Security regarding your bike, and it is still in workable condition, it will be donated to the annual Lost Property sale. Any damaged bikes will be donated to Arc Bike-ology.