The Clancy Auditorium


The Clancy Auditorium, which was constructed in the late 1960s, opened in 1971 containing a single auditorium space for both teaching and events, with entry foyers to the north, east and western elevations.

Fifty years since opening, the University has grown to support a cohort of 60,000 local and international students who all pass through the doors of the Clancy Auditorium to graduate.

In its its platinum jubilee year, UNSW invested in refurbishing the Clancy Auditorium to create a world-class setting for UNSW graduands.

With the Light Rail route from Circular Quay to Randwick designed to go up High St and past the Clancy Auditorium for its UNSW stop, the refurbishment also set out to improve the aesthetic of UNSW’s main entry point.

The foyers and building façade were enhanced both internally and externally to create a statement which truly reflects UNSW’s status as a global university.


Credit: Brett Boardman/Lahz Nimmo Architects



The brand-new face of the Clancy Auditorium, with its 12m high canopy, frameless glazing and customised imported copper shingles from Norway


Increased capacity of the foyers to match that of the auditorium itself

Upgrade of the bar, servery and foyer reception areas


Creation of bigger spaces in colours which tone in with the Mona Hessing Tapestry

Reinstatement of the Mona Hessing Tapestry after removal and refreshment


A refurbished VIP Green Room complete with kitchenette and bathroom

Upgrades to the accessible bathroom facilities

Fresh-looking revitalisation of the off-form concrete finish to the internal walls. 



UNSW Estate Management 

Project Manager: Mostyn Copper Group

Architect: LahzNimmo

Contractor: Buildcorp Group 

Photography: Brett Boardman/Lahz Nimmo Architects

Completed: 2019