For staff, students and visitors who drive to the University, UNSW provides a limited number of on-campus car parking spaces. To apply for a parking permit or for any queries please email Security and Traffic Management.

For more information on where you can park, download Campus Locations and Parking Map (PDF) and read the UNSW Parking Rules.

View our interactive digital maps to navigate, find buildings and points-of-interest on the UNSW Campus.

Restricted Parking

UNSW is a Restricted Parking Area and regulated under the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Australian Road Rules 2014. Signs are displayed at all entrances to the campus. All vehicles must only park in a marked bay.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is being trialled on campus. 

Parking on slopes and or outside of a marked bay is not permitted at any time.

Infringements are issued on campus if parked contrary to the conditions or signs displayed. These restrictions apply to all vehicles entering the campus.

A valid parking permit must be displayed on each vehicle in accordance with the UNSW Parking Rules between the hours of 7.30AM and 7.30PM Monday to Friday.

Parking is free between 7:30PM and 7.30AM Monday to Friday, weekends and Public Holidays. Vehicles must park in a marked bay during these hours.

Further details can be found at RMS.

Available Parking

UNSW 24/7 staff parking permits allow drivers to park in any “UNSW Permit Holders Only” bay on campus. Permits are available to staff who are on 6 months or longer contract. All other employment status, payment is required up-front.

Parking Permit Application - Upfront payment

Fulltime Staff Parking Permit Application Salary Deduction form

Fulltime staff Parking Permit Salary Deduction Cancellation form

If you're a staff member, you can find more information on the Estate Management intranet.

Parking permit fees for upfront payments are not refundable. 

All day casual visitor and student parking is generally available on the top levels of the multi-story carparks located via Gate 14 Barker Street and Gate 11 Botany Street Kensington.

2P and 4P short-term casual visitor and student parking is also available via Gate 2, Gate 5 and Gate 8 High St, Gate 14 Barker St and Western Campus (next to NIDA) via Day Ave Kensington.

All drivers are to register and pay for casual parking with CellOPark App

After Hours permits are available to students, staff and visitors to the campus. After Hours permits are valid only between 3.30PM and 7.30PM, Monday to Friday.

Parking is free between 7:30PM and 7.30AM Monday to Friday, weekends and Public Holidays. Vehicles must park in a marked bay during these hours.

Note: PhD students are entitled to a 24/7 UNSW Parking permit. Completed Parking Permit Application - Upfront Payment form and registration papers may be submitted at Estate Management's Security and Traffic Management counter on Level 2, Mathews Building.

Parking Permit Application - Upfront payment

Parking permit fees for upfront payments are not refundable. 

All UNSW inducted contractors and subcontractors who wish to park on campus are required to purchase a UNSW Parking permit. Permits for daily, weekly or annual parking can be purchased upon presentation of a contractor identification or site induction card and vehicle registration papers.

One Day Parking permits are available for purchase and are valid in “UNSW Permit Holders Only” bays. The day, date and month must be clearly scratched to coincide with the day the permit is used. The permit must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle and comply with the conditions of use printed on the permit.

Loading zones are available for the period of time marked on the sign. Contractors are expected to offload the materials required then move immediately to permit or casual visitor parking.

Applications for extended time in a Loading Zone may be made during business hours via their Estate Management Project Manager who will contact the Parking Office.

After hours approvals contact Security Control Room on 9385 6000.

Permission will only be given if emergency works are being undertaken or contractor is required to work from their vehicle.

Parking Permit Application - Upfront payment

Parking permit fees for upfront payments are not refundable. 

There are two designated Parents with Prams parking bays on campus. One is located on the ground floor of the Gate 11 Botany Street multi-storey car park and one in the Gate 14 Barker Street multi-storey car park. To park in these bays, child restraint seating must be visible to Security Parking Officers.

Accessible parking is available for persons holding and clearly displaying a valid RMS Mobility Parking Scheme permit. Mobility permit holders may park in any unreserved bay on campus, as per the RMS.

UNSW Reserved Mobility parking bay may be made available to staff or students with a RMS Mobility Parking Scheme permit for a fee. Reserved Mobility parking bays are marked “RESERVED PERMIT NUMBER XX” and are not available to other permit holders.

The Mobility permit must only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder. It must not be used to visit or run errands for the permit holder, when that person is not being transported. Heavy fines apply for stopping in spaces reserved for people with mobility permits or using a permit in a way that infringes its conditions of use. Fines also apply if you have a permit, but do not display it on the vehicle when stopping or parking in a reserved space.

View our interactive map showing accessible access and parking options on Kensington Campus.

Book a parking space on campus or near campus through Share with Oscar. Discounted parking rates apply if reserved online. Book here or download the free Share with Oscar mobile app.

UNSW are proud to support Share with Oscar, a UNSW founded technology start up, who are solving the parking pain in our urban cities. Find out more about their story here.


Parking Infringements

UNSW is regulated by the RMS' Restricted Parking Scheme, linked to the Self Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS) and operated by the NSW Government Revenue NSW. Parking infringement notices are issued on all UNSW campuses by Security Parking Officers.

Vehicles must park within marked bays only and drivers who park contrary to any parking condition, signs, or who fail to comply with directions given by UNSW Security Parking Officers, may be issued an infringement having the same force in law as infringements issued by Police or Rangers.

Please note: Security Parking Officers working in a capacity of monitoring parking at UNSW are equipped with sound and video recording devices for safety purposes.

UNSW is unable to revoke infringements issued legally.

If you are issued with a parking infringement, you have 21 days to pay the penalty in full, or to contest the notice in Court.

You can visit Revenue NSW to:

  • Request a review: Seek leniency based on certain circumstances or if you believe an error has been made.

  • Have the penalty decided in Court: To have the matter determined by a court, you must complete and submit a court election form.

  • Or contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118.

For internet payments and more information visit the Revenue NSW website.