The Roundhouse

UNSW's iconic Roundhouse, the venue of choice for the biggest music acts for nearly six decades, completed a major refurbishment in 2018, bringing new energy to the social environment of the campus.

The Roundhouse redevelopment comprises new engineering services, new energy efficient exterior lighting and a refurbishment of its interior that respects the heritage of the building while adding new functionality.

Landscape improvements are also underway, providing connections to Anzac Parade, the future light rail platform and the broader campus, and the addition of several vibrant green spaces to help reinstate the status of the Roundhouse within the lower campus of the University.

Roundhouse exterior

The Roundhouse provides a venue for concerts, events, conferences, seminars, box office, merchandise and food services. In addition, the building also hosts a permanent University bar and beer garden with a secondary private bar area. With a capacity of 2,200 patrons, it remains one of the few venues in Sydney suitable for international live music performances.

Constructed in 1961, the Roundhouse was designed by the Government Architect and Edwards, Madigan, Torzillo, Briggs Architects who later built the National Gallery and High Court in Canberra. It was considered a cutting-edge architectural statement as Sydney’s first-ever circular building and one of the only buildings solely dedicated to student recreation on a campus in NSW.

The Roundhouse has hosted a diverse range of events over the last 56 years including wedding receptions, Bacchus Balls, boxing matches, comedy nights, theatre sports, formal dinners, dance parties and even a conga line protest. A host of concerts have been held at the venue including local and international acts such as Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Ratcat, Fatboy Slim, Foo Fighters, The Living End and Nick Cave.