Your Safety

Your safety and the security of your personal belongings is a high priority at UNSW. A few simple precautions can considerably reduce your risk and enhance your safety:   

  • Don’t leave your belongings anywhere at any time  
  • Avoid carrying large sums of money  
  • If you carry a bag, hold it under your arm or in front of you  
  • If your bag or wallet is stolen report it immediately to UNSW Security Services.  

If you are on campus at night remember to:  

  • keep to well-lit areas and use paths such as University Walk, which is patrolled by Campus Security Officers  
  • be alert, don’t walk with your earphones in your ears  
  • keep your valuables hidden from sight  
  • try to walk in groups or pairs and arrange to walk home with friends  
  • never take short cuts through parks or vacant lots  
  • report any lights which are not functioning to Security Services (9385 6000)  
  • use the free night shuttle bus which operates on weeknights between 6.30pm and 11.30pm in session  
  • contact Security Services (9385 6000) and request an officer to accompany you to your car, bus stop or local streets off campus.  

Remember: Report any suspicious individuals or activities, incidents or crime in progress to Security Services on 9385 6666. 

Keeping you safe

Security Services are on call to accompany you from your location on campus to car parks, bus stops, taxi ranks or limited locations surrounding campus. This service is free and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

You can request a safety escort from:  

- the Security Services Control Room (call 9385 6000 or 1800 626 003)  
- any lift phone  
- any Help Point 

Security Services aim to meet you as quickly as possible. Security Services should be able to give you an approximate response time when you call. 

Security Services provide a free night shuttle bus for staff and students on the Kensington Campus on Monday to Friday between the hours of 6.30pm and 11.30pm. It does not operate on public holidays or during the University shut down period (20 December - 2 January).

The bus route covers Kensington Campus (car parks, colleges, libraries, State Transit bus interchanges) and Randwick Campus. There are seven bus stops on campus and five bus stops off campus.  

You can track the shuttle bus via the StaySafe@UNSW app or track it from your computer by visiting the UNSW DoubleMap.  

‘Help Points’ have been strategically placed across UNSW campuses to help ensure your safety. Help Points provide a direct link to the Security Services Control Room. To activate a Help Point, hold your finger down on the red button until you are connected to Security Services. Find the Help Points located on campus on our Interactive Kensington Campus Map or by downloading our Help Points map.

 Security Services staff can provide 30 minute awareness presentations on safety and security to staff and students upon request. The talks are particularly helpful as part of an induction or orientation process as they can familiarise you with safety issues. Included in the presentation is the local police command and helpful tips on staying safe.  

Presentations provide information on:  

- how to stay safe whilst on and off campus
- how to get help during an emergency
- support programs in place for victims of crime

Register by email if you're interested.

UNSW Security and Traffic Management have introduced an online payment system to allow UNSW residents to pay the $25 fee for ‘let-ins’ online.

If you find yourself locked out of your residence, you can call UNSW Security on 9385 6000 or visit the Gate 2 Security Office for assistance. The security guard who assists you with the let-in will provide you with a secure online link to make your payment. You will be emailed a receipt.   

Residents in the following buildings are able to access let-ins (and the new online payment system):  

- Barker Street Apartments
- Mulwaree Apartments
- University Terraces

Some pedestrian gates on campus are closed at night for safety reasons. Please note the following gate closing/opening times if you are entering/exiting campus late at night.  

- Oval Lane to Scientia. Closed nightly, from 10pm-5am  
- Oval Lane to Civil Engineering loading docks – open/closed daily by staff. Security will attend on request
- Oval Lane to Valentine Annexe rear. Closed nightly, from 10pm-5am 
- Oval Lane to Valentine Annexe east. Closed nightly, from 10pm-5am
- Pooh Corner. Closed nightly from 10pm-5am
- Willis Lane to Barker car park. Closed nightly, from 10pm-5am