NeNe Chicken

Quadrangle Building (E15)

NeNe means “Yes! Yes!” in Korean. We love eating well, being happy and paying it forward. This mantra has helped NeNe Chicken on our journey to grow to over 1,100 outlets in South Korea alone. NeNe Chicken flew into Australia in 2015 and since then we have rapidly expanded across Australia. We now have 37 outlets nationally with a few in development.

The secret to the success of NeNe Chicken is the unique combination of bold seasoning, farm-fresh chicken and our variety of sauces, imported directly from Korea. We say, 'it's the crispy batter that makes it better'. Our secret formula reduces oil absorption. This keeps the chicken juicy and moist on the inside but crispy on the outside. Just how our customers want it. We also have a selection of mouth-watering, palate-popping sauces including Original, Swicy, Freaking Hot, Snowing Cheese, Snowing Vegetable, Bulgogi, Mala, Snowing Chilli, Garlic and our new flavour Wasabi Mayo!

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