2019 Travel Survey Results

Estate Management conducted the latest UNSW travel survey towards the end of 2019 to understand how students and staff travel to and from the Kensington campus prior to the commencement of the Light Rail.

All students and staff were invited to complete the survey, with over 6,200 responses received.

The results have provided valuable insights into travel trends and behaviours for the University. Public transport remains the most popular mode of travel to UNSW. The number of students and staff walking and cycling to campus has increased since the last survey conducted in 2016, helping us achieve our Sustainability target to increase commuting by active travel modes.

Estate Management use this data to support the effectiveness of recent improvements in infrastructure and operational processes. These results are also used to assist in identifying initiatives to support and improve the different modes of travel to campus and for future campus and transport planning.

Find out how our students and staff travelled to campus in the 2019 travel survey.