Estate Management services in response to COVID-19

| 20 Mar 2020

The health and safety of our students, staff, and visitors are our highest priority. 

Estate Management continues to service and maintain a presence on campus during this time. However, during this period of reduced student and staff presence on campus, we are making some adjustments to our operations.

Below is a summary of the adjustments taking effect from 6pm Friday 20 March 2020, until further notice. 

UNSW Library Lawn

    Services Available during COVID-19 Shutdown period

    Almost all buildings will be placed into secure mode.  In secure mode, building access is limited to students and staff who currently have 24/7 access. Those with access will need their student or staff card to access the building.

    UNSW Security Services continue to operate 24/7. For general support call 9385 6000. In an emergency call 9385 6666.

    The Security & Traffic Management counter on Level 2 Mathews Building remains operational during normal business hours.

    The Estate Management help desk phone number 02 9385 5111 and email address remain operational under standard arrangements.

    Services continue, noting the frequency and nature of cleaning on campus has been increased particularly in high-frequency areas to minimise risks, in line with government health advice.

    For buildings in secure mode, at this time kitchen areas and bathrooms are cleaned daily.

    General waste collection will continue as normal, except for public holidays.

    Blue bin paper waste will be collected as normal, once per week.

    Permanent skip bins will be serviced when full as normal.

    For buildings in secure mode, office bins will be emptied twice a week.

    Chemical waste collection is not scheduled during this period unless specifically requested. Biological waste will be collected from the Bio-dock waste room as normal, except for public holidays.

    For buildings in secure mode, standalone systems will operate as normal. All other units will operate on after hours mode which will require push-button activation.

    For buildings in secure mode, lights will need to be switched on manually.

    If you need assistance with these services, please contact your building facilities manager or contact Estate Management.

    Services operate as normal.

    Relocations are available if arranged with General Services, with an Archibus request.

    Grounds contractors will be on campus carrying out maintenance as normal, except during public holidays.

    All campus car parks remain open and operate under normal arrangements.

    For short term parking solutions or to cancel your staff parking permit, please visit UNSW Parking Rules.

    Services remain fully operational.

    Services remain fully operational.