Heads up! Stay safe around Sydney’s new Light Rail

| 20 Dec 2019

Whether you’re walking, driving or riding to UNSW, it’s important to stay safe around Light Rail.  

Light Rail to UNSW


  • If you’re travelling on-board Sydney’s new Light Rail wait for people to get off the light rail before you board. 


  • Use designated crossings around light rail.  
  • Avoid distractions like mobile phones.  
  • Look left and right, check twice. 
  • For prams and wheelchairs, cross straight over the tracks to avoid wheels getting caught.  

Drivers and Motorcyclists 

  • Don’t drive along the tracks. 
  • Never queue across intersections.    
  • Check twice for trams. 
  • Be aware that road conditions have changed.  
  • Don’t stop or park within the tram lane. 


  • Ride straight over the tracks. If you can’t, it’s always safer to dismount before crossing. 
  • Don’t ride along the tracks. 
  • Tracks can be slippery when wet.  

For more info about safety, visit the Transport for NSW website.  

For FAQ, visit here