L3 to Kingsford opens with UNSW Anzac Parade stop

| 03 Apr 2020

The new L3 Kingsford Light Rail Line along Anzac Parade opened today, Friday 3 April 2020.

L3 Light Rail

The L3 Line, which operates between Circular Quay and Kingsford, adds five new stops to the existing alignment, including the UNSW Anzac Parade Stop, which is conveniently located at the lower campus entrance to UNSW on Anzac Parade. 

During what is a challenging time for the UNSW community due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has welcomed the State Government’s launch of the new Light Rail Line. 

UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Jacobs said that the Light Rail will play a vital role in improving campus accessibility for students, staff and visitors when the University community is able to reconnect.

“I thank the NSW Government for completing this project to better connect the Kingsford and Randwick community with the city,” he said.

“The commencement of this extension to the Light Rail means the people of UNSW and our neighbours have a modern and environmentally-friendly transport option to support essential travel. It will also be a welcome way to help us reconnect with family and friends once we get through this very difficult time.”

As one of the key stakeholders of the Light Rail project, this fantastic outcome honours years of consultation between UNSW and Transport for NSW and is testament to the dedication of the UNSW community to bring a modern transport solution to the University. 

UNSW Anzac Parade stop

There are 15 stops on the L3 line between Circular Quay and Juniors Kingsford.

The five new stops on the Kingsford Branch Line, from Moore Park, include: 

  • ES Marks on Anzac Parade near Carlton St, 
  • Kensington on Anzac Pde between Todman Ave and Bowral St, 
  • UNSW Anzac Parade on Anzac Parade in front of UNSW 
  • Kingsford on Anzac Pde near Strachan St and Middle St, and 
  • Juniors Kingsford on Anzac Pd south of Nineways intersection.
Sydney Light Rail Network Map


    With the Light Rail servicing more of the University Kensington campus, it is important for students and staff to be aware of their surroundings.

    Look and listen out for the Light Rail and avoid being distracted by mobile phones. 

    For more information regarding fares, routes, and accessibility information, visit Transport for NSW.


    L3 Light Rail

    The L2 Randwick Line will continue the same route from Circular Quay to Randwick stopping at UNSW High Street near Gate 9. If you want to jump off near the Clancy Auditorium, catch the L2. If you want to jump off near the Roundhouse, catch the L3 and hop off at UNSW Anzac Parade. 

    Light Rail is part of the Opal card network. Simply tap on and tap off at Opal readers on the platform. Light rail fares are calculated according to the distance travelled – from where you tap on to where you tap off and standard Opal fares apply. Standard Opal benefits apply to light rail including – daily, weekly and Sunday Travel Caps. For information regarding concessions and other discounted fares, please refer to the Tickets and Opal page on transportnsw.info for the latest fares. No off-peak discounts apply to light rail services. To plan ahead please use the trip planner on transportnsw.info

    Services for the L3 Kingsford Line will operate every 4-8 minutes between Circular Quay and Moore Park. They will run every 8-12 minutes between Moore Park to Randwick or Kingsford and will operate on the L3 Kingsford line will operate every day from 5am onwards until 1am. 

    There will be no changes to bus services when the L3 Kingsford Line opens. Once light rail services are running and have bedded in, bus services will be adjusted in the south-east region to help reflect changed customer patterns.  

    How to stay safe around Light Rail

    L3 Light Rail

    Before crossing the road look left and right, check twice for trams. Always use designated crossings around light rail. Ditch the distractions, such as mobile phones and stay alert to your surroundings. Step over the tracks as they can be slippery, especially when wet. For prams and wheelchairs, cross tracks on an angle to avoid wheels getting stuck in the tracks.

      There have been changes introduced at some pedestrian crossings along the Light Rail route. Changes include a staggered two-staged approach at some crossings. This new pedestrian crossing is now in place at UNSW Anzac Parade outside UNSW and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts at Kensington. When you push the signal button, the green crossing will allow you to the middle on the crossing where the light rail stop is. When the button is activated on both sides of the road, the entire crossing may be sequenced together. It is important to remember to only cross on the green. 

      Ride straight over the tracks, if you can't cross straight over, it’s always safer to dismount. Don't ride along the tracks. Use the shared pathways where possible. Be careful when it's raining as tracks can be slippery when wet. 

      You are not permitted to drive along the tram tracks. Never queue across intersections. Be aware that road conditions have changed. Follow traffic signals and never turn in front of a tram. Don't stop or park within the tram lane, even if you can't see a tram.  

      Look for overhead wire height restrictions. There is a general height restriction of 4.6 metre in place, excluding Eddy Avenue in the CBD which is lower. Don’t queue across intersections.