Mixed waste bins launch across UNSW

New mixed waste bins are rolling out over the coming months, replacing the existing external bins on campus. This is part of UNSW’s waste management plan which involves processing waste off-site, with over 90% diverted from landfill and recycled, composted or converted to energy.

| 08 Nov 2018
Mixed waste bins should be used for all sorts of general waste, including food waste. 

Dedicated recycling facilities exist around campus for single-use containers, paper, batteries, polystyrene and mobile phones. You can find more information about how to recycle your waste on the Sustainability website.


What happens next?

All collected mixed waste is transported to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where it is separated into food, co-mingled waste (plastics, glass and metals) and paper. Recovered materials are recycled, composted or converted to processed engineer fuel for energy recovery, with a small residual amount sent to landfill.


The new bin design will be popping up in 140 different spots across UNSW from late 2018 to early 2019. All the old red and yellow metal bin enclosures are being recycled responsibly.


For more information about waste services, contact emgeneralservices@unsw.edu.au.