UNSW Bookshop: re-imagining a beloved destination

| 17 Aug 2018
Image provided by SJB Architects

Coming Soon – Opening Late 2018

The UNSW Bookshop is being transformed into a vibrant, cultural place that fosters intellectual leadership and collaboration both within UNSW and the broader community.

Our vision - Re-imagining a beloved destination

In a world where a large part of our lives is spent online, we crave authentic, memorable moments and need environments that foster these. This is our ambition with the new bookshop and café. UNSW wishes to broaden the services provided by the bookshop, continuing its traditional role of selling print and digital content and creating a vibrant, cultural place that fosters intellectual leadership and collaboration both within UNSW and the broader community.

Design intent – A destination for connections and reflections

The UNSW Bookshop is being transformed with a new design concept spearheaded by the UNSW Development team. The vision, developed by some of UNSW's top designers and planners, will introduce a flexible and varied experience through a series of linked rooms. These spaces create a retreat that is inviting for students, staff and visitors. They also form a striking beacon – from the shopfront to the outdoor space – making this part of the campus an attractive social and cultural destination.

The café is a welcome addition and this integration will ensure the independently-run UNSW Bookshop remains a destination and regular meeting place on campus. There is access to the café both externally and internally through the bookshop. The central bookshop room also has the potential to be used as an event space for prominent and emerging authors and performers.

The UNSW Bookshop is the heart of the campus. Awarded Campus Bookshop of the Year by the Australian Publishers Association in 2017 (and winner three times in the previous four years), the UNSW Bookshop is synonymous with exceptional service to the community. It is a highly valued destination for students, academic and professional staff, and campus visitors. And in a world where digital retail has disrupted the traditional bricks and mortar model, successful bookstores are no longer simply about the stock they carry, but the experience they evoke. Books are the cornerstones of education and to honour the significance they play in our world, UNSW is reinvigorating the UNSW Bookshop to ensure it remains a treasured destination at our campus: a place to both delight visitors and exemplify our commitment to sharing knowledge and improving the lives of others. UNSW Bookshop is managed by UNSW Press Ltd, a company controlled by UNSW that publishes and distributes books.

The new destination will be a place where people will enjoy:

• Excellence in service by knowledgeable, experienced staff

• A range of products and gifts from the bookshop

• Light snacks and beverages with friends

UNSW is dedicated to serving society, and improving the experience of students, staff and visitors to our campus. This is in keeping with our 2025 strategy, where a key pillar is to deliver world-class environments that provide a sense of place, pride and recognise academic achievement.

The UNSW Bookshop will be closed during the construction period, from September 2018 – late November 2018.  During this time UNSW Bookshop staff can be contacted via email or phone or alternatively staff and students can collect items and visit the UNSW Bookshop team on Level 3 of the UNSW Library [UNSW Kensington Map Ref: F21]

More information

For more information about the UNSW Bookshop project, please contact Estate Management, Senior Manager (Delivery) Development, Geoffrey Leeson: g.leeson@unsw.edu.au.