UNSW exempted from some water restrictions


UNSW has secured an exemption approval from Sydney Water to use hoses and watering systems where use falls under certain categories.

As Greater Sydney’s main water source, Waragamba Dam, has dropped to below 50% the Level 1 Restrictions introduced in 1 June 2019 will now be enforced with a financial penalty as of 1 September 2019.

Sydney Water will now have officers undertaking random inspections across the greater Sydney basin, issuing people or organisations who do not have an authorised exemption approval with a fine.

Sydney Water has advised Estate Management that UNSW employees, properties and any contractor operating under the UNSW ABN will be able to claim the exemption on the proviso that they show the Sydney Water representative a copy of the exemption approval.

On request this Sydney Water Exemption Approval Permit Number 00118 and blue exemption stickers should be provided.  

UNSW is exempted from multi-purpose use of water in Categories 3A, 1B, and 3C from 20 August onwards.