UNSW to support NSW Health with parking during pandemic

| 03 Apr 2020

UNSW is supporting NSW Health during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing Randwick Health Precinct staff with discounted parking within UNSW carparks from Monday 6 April 2020. 


Randwick Health Precinct staff will be able to park in the multi-storey carparks of Botany Street and Barker Street until further notice.

UNSW has agreed to charge Precinct staff at the same rate as the existing hospital carpark on Easy St, which is a discounted rate of $5 per day. 

The lower levels of the Barker Street and Botany Street carparks and designated UNSW permit holder bays elsewhere on campus will still be available for UNSW students and staff to use.

Randwick Health Precinct staff will be able to park from Level 2 and up in the Botany St Carpark, and Level 2A and up in the Barker St Carpark and will need to register with the CellOPark app to be able to pay for parking. 

Parking Officers regularly patrol UNSW carparks, so Randwick Health Precinct staff will need to make sure they have paid for parking with the CellOPark App. 

UNSW student and staff members, when parked in UNSW designated permit bays, will need to display their permit (annual or pre-paid), or register with UNSW Security & Traffic Management as per steps below to arrange.

These changes will apply 24 hours, seven days per week until further notice.  


How to register as a UNSW Student or Staff

If you do not hold a valid UNSW parking permit as yet, you can register your vehicle, before or upon arrival by emailing parking@unsw.edu.au. Include your zID number, vehicle registration details and location/carpark you intend to park when on campus.

For more information about these changes, please contact UNSW Parking at parking@unsw.edu.au