Visitor parking to go digital at Kensington with new App

UNSW Sydney is trialling a new digital parking system for casual visitor parking from Monday 28 October. 

The 'CellOPark' app will link your registration number plate with UNSW zoned spaces.

Visitors will then be able to register and pay for casual visitor parking at the Kensington campus with the CellOPark app. 

This app is set to replace the current parking meters from Monday 4 November 2019 when these will be retired. 

With CellOPark, parking fees are charged per minute, so visitors will only pay for the time their vehicle is parked in that space, and will not need to print and display a parking ticket. 

The new system will be available at the existing meter parking locations which are identified on this map by an "M" as well as in the multi-storey carparks where there is currently metered parking. 

There will be no change to staff parking permits. 

How to register for CellOPark

Registration is free. There are three ways to register:

  1. App: Download the CellOPark Australia App
  2. Online: CellOPark
  3. Call: 1300 CellOPark

To use the App

Select the zone number that you have parked in or scan the individual QR code which is on each space. 

Hit START to start your session and STOP to end your session. 


More information

Please contact the Estate Management parking team on if you need assistance. Find more information about visitor parking at UNSW here