Barker Street Bike Store

Barker Street Bike Store is a secure bike parking facility at our Kensington campus located next to Barker Street carpark on Engineering Rd. 

Barker St Bike Shed

Staff and students register for access on a term by term basis. Access will be capped per academic term so places are limited. Register here.  

The Barker Street Bike Store features 35 bike racks for use/day, a repair station, a change room and short and long-term lockers. 

You can store your gear in lockers provided for up to 12 hours/day. 

These Terms & Conditions apply to all cyclists with access to the Barker Street Bike Store.  

  1. UNSW provides 24/7 access to the Barker Street Bike Store to registered users, free of charge.
  2. UNSW staff and students must register to use Barker Street Bike Store. Access is limited to a capped number of total users.
  3. Access will be per academic term only. You will need to register for each term separately to access and use the facility.
  4. You must advise UNSW Security immediately if you lose your ID card by calling 02 9385 6000.
  5. If you lose your ID card, a $25 fee applies to replace the ID card. You can apply for a replacement ID card through UNSW Estate Management.
  6. You must advise UNSW Security of any safety or security concerns within the Barker Street Bike Store as soon as users become aware of them, including lost or stolen property.
  7. Bicycle parking space within Barker Street Bike Store is on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  8. UNSW makes no guarantees that a parking space will be available within the Barker Street Bike Store for all registered users at all times. 
  9. You must respect other people’s property inside Barker Street Bike Store at all times.
  10. You must not park anything other than two-wheeled bicycles in Barker Street Bike Store.
  11. You must not store any dangerous or flammable goods in Barker Street Bike Store.
  12. You must not give your ID card to others to access the facility or allow someone to tailgate you into the facility.
  13. You must always secure your bicycle to the bike racks provided, following the instructions displayed inside the facility.
  14. Bicycles must only be parked in the racks provided.
  15. You must provide your own secure bicycle lock and take it with you when not in use.
  16. Your bicycle must not impede the safe movement in, out and around Barker Street Bike Store for other users.
  17. Security will regularly patrol, inspect and monitor appropriate usage of the facility.
  18. Any personal belongings (including clothing, bicycle accessories or other items) left unattended in Barker Street Bike Store for a period of 24 hours will be considered to have been abandoned. Security will remove any items (including clothing, perishable items, towels and any other equipment) deemed as abandoned, and hold these in Lost Property. Perishable items, drink bottles and food containers will be disposed of immediately.
  19. Bicycles left unattended or not used by end of academic term will be considered to have been abandoned and will be removed by Security. This may include being required to break bicycle locks. You will have one month to claim your bicycle, clothing or other equipment from lost property. After this period, if you have not contacted Security regarding your bike, clothing or other equipment and it is still in good condition, it will be donated to the annual Lost Property sale.
  20. You agree that UNSW will not be liable to replace or pay for any bicycle locks that are broken in order to remove bicycles which are deemed as abandoned.
  21. You agree that using Barker Street Bike Store is at your own risk.
  22. You will not make any claims against UNSW for any loss of, damage to, or theft of your bicycle or other personal belongings stored in the facility.
  23. UNSW Estate Management has the right to refuse access or entry to Barker Street Bike Store if these terms and conditions are not complied with.
  24. UNSW Estate Management reserves the right to
    1. Terminate access for any Barker Street Bike Store user not complying with these terms and conditions; and
    2. Amend these terms and conditions from time to time without notice to users.