UNSW Sydney's Kensington campus is easy to get to and around by bicycle. 

There are over 1000 designated bike parking spaces, close to water bubblers, and shower facilities all over campus to freshen up after your ride to UNSW. 



Always wear a helmet. This is a legal requirement. If you ride without a helmet, you could face an on the spot fine from the police. 

Always park your bike at UNSW in the designated racks. 

Always make sure you are seen by drivers on the road by wearing bright fluorescent clothes.

Be aware of Transport for NSW Road Safety and Road Rules for Cyclists. 

Be aware that cyclists and drivers share the road and need to keep each other safe.

Watch this Transport for NSW animation - 'It's a Two Way Street'. 

Watch out around the Light Rail. 

Ride straight over the tracks to avoid getting your wheels caught. If you can’t, it’s always safer to dismount before crossing. 

Don’t ride along the tracks. 

Tracks can be slippery when wet.  

Use the shared pathways where possible. 

Looking for a bike parking spot, the closest shower to your next class, or a water bubbler? 

Explore our Interactive Map to find what you're looking for. 

If you've lost your bike on campus or think it has been stolen, contact Security Services on 02 9385 6000 for assistance. 

Security Services regularly monitor bikes parked around campus. If your bike is left in the same spot for three weeks or more, your bike will be removed and held at Security for at least two months. Security Services tag bikes suspected of being abandoned. 

If you have not contacted Security regarding your bike, and it is still in workable condition, it will be donated to the annual Lost Property sale. Any damaged bikes will be donated to the UNSW Bike Club.  You can contact the Bike Club through here.

Bicycles are a common target for thieves on campus day and night. 

Only park your bike in the racks provided. Use a quality "D Shackle" or U shaped harden steel security lock.

Avoid leaving your bike in the racks overnight or over the weekend.

Be sure not to leave your bike attached to railings at building entrances or chained to fire stairs. If so, it will be removed by Security Services as this constitutes an occupational health and safety issue.