Campus travel & location overview

To foster a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and help reduce parking and traffic problems we encourage staff and students to use public transport or to cycle or walk to UNSW as alternatives to driving a car.

Kensington Campus

UNSW's main campus is located on a 38 hectare site in the suburb of Kensington. Every weekday Kensington Campus generates more than 60,000 trips to and from work and study making it the largest single destination for people in the Eastern Suburbs.

With nearly 1,700 UNSW Express Bus services per week the campus is easy to get to via public transport no matter where you are travelling from. The full complement of transport options, depending on your original location, include: cycling, walking, driving, bustrain and ferry services.

View the Kensington Campus map.

Or explore the campus with our Virtual Tour.

Paddington Campus

The Paddington Campus (also known as UNSW Art and Design, formerly COFA) is centrally located on Oxford Street, Paddington and is easily accessible from the Kensington Campus. Find further information on public transport links to the Paddington Campus

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Or explore the Paddington Campus with our Virtual Tour. Open the tour and then click on the campus map in the top left hand corner. Click on any of the circles on the inlaid map to open up the tour.

Paddington shuttle bus 
A courtesy shuttle bus operates between Paddington and UNSW Kensington campuses during semester, excluding public holidays. The shuttle bus stop is located at the Gate 8 entrance on High Street (UNSW Kensington) and at the Greens Rd entrance (Paddington).

View the Shuttle Bus Timetable.

Please note:

  • the Kensington-Paddington Shuttle Bus will commence on 4 February 2019 operating on the above timetable until 14 December 2019.
  • the primary purpose of the shuttle bus is to operate as a night shuttle bus. Capacity and frequency is limited. Students and staff are encouraged to take public transport.
CBD Campus

UNSW’s CBD Campus is located on Levels 6 and 7, 1 O'Connell Street in the heart of Sydney's CBD. A number of classes and functions for the Faculties of Law and Business take place at this location. View the CBD Campus map.

Randwick Campus

Randwick Campus is home to the UNSW Institute of Languages. Located at 22-32 King Street, Randwick, the campus is easily accessible by bus, bicycle or car. View the Randwick Campus map.

Cliffbrook Campus

Cliffbrook Campus is located at 45 Beach Street, Coogee and is home to the Faculty of Medicine's Kirby Insitute. Cliffbrook Campus is easily accessible by bus, bicycle or car. View the Cliffbrook Campus map

David Phillips Campus

The David Phillips Campus is located off Gwea Ave, Daceyville, approximately 2km from the Kensington Campus. The campus is easily accessible on foot from the Kensington Campus or by bus or bicycle.
It is the home of UNSW’s rugby, football, touch, hockey, tennis and cricket clubs. View the David Phillips Campus map

Manly Vale Campus

The Manly Vale Campus is located at 110 King Street, Manly Vale and is home to the UNSW Water Research Laboratory. It is easily accessible by car. View the Manly Vale Campus map

Canberra Campus

The Canberra Campus is located at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). ADFA is located off Northcott Drive, Canberra which is less than five kilometres from the city centre and Canberra airport. It is easily accessible by car. View the Canberra Campus map.


Exam Transport

For detailed information on exam buses you can visit the Current Students website.