Cycling to UNSW

Cycling & Bicycle Safety

Cycling is an increasingly popular way of travelling to University.

The Kensington Campus is easily accessible by bicycle and provides 1000 designated bicycle parking spaces.

Explore our interactive map for all the locations of our Bicycle Racks and Showers at our Kensington campus.

Rules and cycling safety tips

Avoid bicycle theft

Bicycles are a common target for thieves on campus day and night. To help keep yours safe:

  • only leave your bicycle in the racks provided
  • use a quality "D Shackle" or U shaped harden steel security lock
  • do not leave your bike attached to railings at building entrances or chained to fire stairs. It will be removed by Security Services as this constitutes an occupational health and safety issue
  • avoid leaving your bike in the racks overnight or over the weekend.


Bike-ology is a volunteer program run by Arc. It provides tools, information, and expertise to the UNSW cycling community and beyond.

Bike-ology hosts weekly bicycle repair workshops to cater for the UNSW cycling community. There's a team of volunteer mechanics on hand to teach you bicycle repair and maintenance skills, or, if you’re pretty good at repairs yourself, you can come along to use Bike-ology's tools and share the passion for cycling.

Where: Outside the Arc Clubs Office (just off the rainbow steps)
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays during session, 12-2pm

Abandoned bicycles

Bikes abandoned, lost or found on campus are held by Security Services who tag all bikes left on campus every six months. If the bike is in the same location after a period of three weeks and the tag is still in place, the bike is removed and held in the Security Services store for a minimum period of two months.

Following this period:

  • bikes in workable condition are donated to the Early Years@UNSW and sold annually at the lost property sale.
  • damaged bikes are donated to the UNSW Bike Club. The Bike Club may be contacted through Arc@UNSW.

Contact Security Services on 9385 6000 to report your bike as lost or stolen.