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Explore these interactive maps

Our main campus in Kensington is a busy, thriving community of 60,000 students and 6,000 staff, the size of a small town. We are located in Sydney's eastern suburbs, just 12km from the Sydney CBD. Our maps below are "interactive," which means you can explore them using the search function, and zoom in and out. They use live data so whenever you visit the map, you will have access to the latest information. Here is a simplified pdf version of the Kensington campus. Find out about Getting Here by public transport, car or bicycle. 

    Use the search function on this map to see locations using the following layers:

    • Student and Staff Service Locations
    • Building Locations
    • Gate Entries
    • Parking on campus
    • Restricted Access Areas 

    Explore this map to find your way around campus using lifts and walkways, while avoiding steps and stairs. Key information is also featured including:

    • Student and Staff Service Locations
    • Building Locations
    • Gate Entries

    There are several defibrilators located around campus - use this map to locate one. A defibrillator is a portable electronic device you can use when you find someone you suspect is having a sudden cardiac arrest. The device will diagnose the situation and give you instructions via a synthesized voice or visual prompts. 

    Points of Interest on campus map include: 

    • Water Refill Stations
    • Recycling Facilities 
    • Cycling Facilities & Showers
    • Transport
    • Rooftop Solar PV Systems
    • Total Energy Heatmap
    • Total Water Heatmap
    • Kensington Campus Trees

    Locate our other UNSW campuses and campus maps

    UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

    Address: UNSW Canberra at ADFA, Northcott Drive, Canberra ACT 2600 

    Phone: +61 2 6268 8701 Location: map. Campus Map: UNSW Canberra at ADFA Campus Map



    The UNSW Art and Design Paddington Campus is located in the heart of Paddington. You can easily get to campus using public transport. There is a free courtesy shuttle bus between Kensington and Paddington campuses. 

    Address: Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021 

    Phone: +61 2 8936 0684 Campus Map: Paddington Campus map

    Address: 45 Beach Street, Coogee NSW 2034 

    Location: on map. Campus Map: Cliffbrook Campus Map

    Find out about UNSW Sport and Social Sport at UNSW.

    Address: 32 Banks Avenue, Pagewood NSW 2035 

    Location: map. Map of Sports Field: David Phillips Sports Field Map.

    This UNSW CBD campus features executive boardrooms, flexible seating theatres, conference rooms, creative workspaces and hospitality services, which staff can book online. Find out more about our Hospitality Services. Students can book study rooms at 24 hours notice. 

    Address: Levels 6 and 7, 1 O'Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000 

    Phone: +61 2 9931 9444 Location: on map.


    UNSW's Water Research Laboratory as part of UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is located at Manly Vale.

    Address: 110 King Street, Manly Vale NSW 2093. Location: on map.

    Phone: +61 2 8071 9800  Email: Campus Map: Manly Vale Campus Map.  


    UNSW Medicine's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre is located here. 

    Address: 22-32 King Street, Randwick NSW 2031

    Phone: +61 2 9385 1000 Location: on map. Campus Map: Randwick Campus Map