Major Incidents

    Incidents occur regularly on campus and are managed by UNSW first responders, such as Campus Security and emergency control organisations (eg. warden teams).

    Major incidents are extremely rare, but when they happen the UNSW Major Incident Management Plan is activated to ensure the safety of students, staff, contractors and campus visitors.

    What is a major incident?

    A major incident has enough impact to possibly overwhelm UNSW’s usual coping skills, with the potential to cause significant harm.

    Major incidents can lead to:

    • Fatality and/or serious injury
    • Significant impact on business operations and continuity
    • A threat to UNSW’s financial viability
    • Adverse attention by national media or government agencies
    • Significant litigation threatened or initiated against UNSW

    How does UNSW manage major incidents?

    UNSW activates the Major Incident Management Plan when needed:

    • Prioritising the safety of students, staff, contractors and campus visitors
    • Ensuring property and assets are protected and preventing harm to the environment
    • Working to maintain or resume normal operations as quickly as possible
    • Ensuring effective communication during and after a major incident

    What can you expect from UNSW during a major incident?

    Communication is a vital component of UNSW’s major incident response:

    • SMS Alerts: You are automatically registered to receive SMS emergency alerts if you have a mobile number listed in your myUNSW profile. Please regularly update your contact details to ensure you are able to receive these critical messages.
    • Email: You will receive an email to your student or staff UNSW email address in the event of a major incident.
    • UNSW Websites and Social Media: The UNSW website and key social media sites may provide information about major incidents, including Facebook and Twitter.
    • Display Screens on Campus: TV screens located in building foyers and other campus locations may be used in the event of a major incident.

    Who manages major incidents?

    Major Incident Response Team: A team of key senior management and technical specialists who are focused on containing a major incident, to ensure the safety of the UNSW community and environment. The team includes:

    • Security
    • Health, Safety and Environment
    • Communications
    • Information Technology
    • Logistics and Operations

    Business Continuity Team: This team commences work after a major incident has been contained. They maintain and restore services and deliver effective communication with key stakeholders. The team includes:

    • Communication and Human Resources
    • Risk Management
    • Technology and Facilities Management
    • Faculties, Schools and Divisions