Introducing Friend Walk on the StaySafe@UNSW App

Posted 26 March 2019

Never walk home alone again!

Friend Walk is a new feature available now on the StaySafe@UNSW app.

This easy to use function lets you send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination. They can keep an eye on you to make sure you make it safely to your destination and trigger a call to Emergency Services (Triple Zero 000) if necessary.

How it works
  • Open the StaySafe@UNSW app on your mobile device and tap on Friend Walk

  • Tap the Start Friend Walk button and select a contact to send your location
  • Your friend will receive a message with a link. When they click it, they will be directed to a map with your location and you will be connected to them

  • Pick your destination and start moving 

  • When you reach your destination, finish your trip and disconnect. Your friend will receive a message confirming you have arrived at your destination.

During your trip, in the event of an emergency, you can press the button to notify your friend and start an emergency call. If you or your friend disconnects, it will end the walk and give you the option to make an emergency call.

Download the StaySafe@UNSW app and start using Friend Walk today!


More information

Please contact for further information.